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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-07-09
Wow. Monster comp of amazing women making music, most from Europe and the U.S. Experimental, pop, punk, dance music, no wave.... Nearly all tracks are pretty up-tempo. Extremely diverse – from mainstream like Bjork to underground bizarre fest Kevin Blechdom. Bay Area artists marked with L below – Erase Errata, Boyskout, Kevin Blechdom. Lots of the artists are political, and many are multimedia artists - visual artists, producers, performance artists, etc. The comp was curated by a woman from Chicks On Speed (track 1/14). Researching the bands on this comp was very educational about allllllll kinds of feminist stuff, fascinating women doing awesome art/music. Reviewed by genre for each CD. My only complaint about the CD is that often I like other songs by these women way better, the less "club hit" type stuff. But loads of gems.


*14. We want plastic surgery, ironic.
L*19. Greaaaaaat guitar solo beginning. Lesbian, a little bad girl, “she was a switch” :) “I don’t need to be someone I’m not.” Slightly dischordant, new wave.
L20. Post punk, up-tempo. Great rhythms on the vocals, witty lyrics.

*21. Experimental. Dark sound, glitchy beat, layering, “no bra”, cool lyrics.
7. Pop. Low pretty female vox, slow guitar beat.
15. Funky. Active bassline, bossa nova-like percusssion, laundromat lyrics. Vivien Goldman, founding member of The Flying Lizards, professor of punk and reggae at NYU.

3. cheezy synth beats, lots of rapped lyrics, strong german accent.
6. hard beat, high squeaky vox
*8. Lots of vocal harmonies, catchy rhythm.
*12. Catchy. Anat Ben David sometimes sounds more avant-garde.
*13. Disorted, punk-ish, French. Spy parts.
17. Electroclash. Clubbing song, dreamy, “i want it, i want to feel it.”

5. dreamy vox
11. i don’t like this.
16. Hard beat, a little industrial/techno, repetitive. In German and French. Founding member of Talking Heads.

*2. “fuck”. my favorite track on the whole comp. it’s dirrrrrrrty. lesbian sex, featuring Peaches, rap-ish.
4. “shit”, “bullshit”. le tigre – lists lots of famous feminist artists, writers and musicians.
9. “fuck” a lot. a little industrial, with a high gritty dirty taunting/snotty vox.
L*10. “shut the fuck up and fuck me you fuckin’ fuck up bah bah bah” sped up to ridiculous speeds and in choral harmony. ridiculous, great.
18. various sexual FCC’s – cock, ass... punk/house, lots of panting, crass and a little political.


1. 7-piece girl drum, bass, vocals. Tribal, fun, funky/surf, lots of percussion. Gang vocals toward end are great.
8. Silly, poking, synths, singing about changes in a high silly voice. Weird, good.
*11. Kick-ass punk, experimental. Tobi Vail was in Bikini Kill. Screaming, riot grrrl.

Post Punk:
**2. Typical Girls live. Mindblowing and awesome. Sooooooo alive.
3. Delta 5, 1979. Funky, great bassline, awesome awesome vocals. “Can I have a taste of your ice cream. Can I lick the crumbs from your table? Can I interfere in your crisis? No, mind your own business.”
15. Swiss post-punk/new wave. Whistling, saxophone, low fem vox. Super catchy.

4. Anti consumerism, cheezy sounds, fuzz-effect on the voice.
6. techno-y, dreamy sounds, one woman in this band used to be a porn star, recently made a documentary about political atrocities in burma, and used to be in the post-punk band Malaria!.
7. “digital hardcore”, spy lyrics?
*9. Downtempo, childish voice, pretty weird, good, best are the music concrete sounds.
10. Downtempo Bjork, howling, overdubbing pretty echoey voice, storm sounds, experimental-sounding.
12. Slow-mid, political lyrics, vox a little like Bjork.
13. Slow, soothing. the most mainstream-sounding track here.
*17. Hard techno, industrial-sounding. Funny lyrics – “Here come the lesbians. They’re creeping down the stairs.”
18. Slow, synths, whale sounds?, low vox, dreamy, gets a harder beat, sexy, normal.
19. slightly trippy and weird, definite beat, distortion. this woman was in throbbing gristle, was a stripper and porn actress for a while.

16. San Francisco trans man. “Emo-hop.” Dance-along.

14. Fun, bouncy synths, unique vocals, dancey and a little sad.


*2. Downtempo, dirty somehow, sexy. Early member of Einsturzende Neubauten, founder of Malaria!
*11. Funny sample art, silly cowboy sounds, bleepy electronics, banjo, guitar, lots of layers.
*13. Wow. Muffled lyrics, odd delivery, deadpan. Pretty.
*14. Funny, sarcastic. Rapping, making fun of stuff. Fake accent.

5. Electro, upbeat, snarly/whiney vox, sarcastic.
*6. Punk rockin, super high female gang vox, catchy fun.

Post Punk:
17. New wave? Art rock? Dischordant guitar, sax, synth, great vox.
18. Slightly off-key, woosy. down-tempo, gets more upbeat. nice violin drums guit.

7. Rock. Fairly mainstream. Band of actress Juliette Lewis.
*8. Hiphop. Cute geeky sexy. +Rock, silly, electronica. I like the varied vocals.
20. African choir sound, sorta hiphop/reggae, nice beats.

*12. New wave, downtempo, very pretty, dark-ish vocals.
15. Silly, cookies, high pitches. Referencing a Cookie Monster nightmare?
16. A little dark. Ambient, almost rap. She likes trees.
21. Hard weird beat, sorta rap, bounce-a-long.

1. New wave, spy.
3. Gothy/dark/industrial/poppy.
4. Club hit sound.
9. I hate this song. “I’m too sexy for my jeans, I have to take them off, before you put your hands on my ass.” Club hit, annoying like Spice Girls are annoying.
10. “Electropunk” – I like their other songs I’ve heard wayyyyyy better.
19. Club hit sound, some hiphop, reggae, good.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. - Girlmonster Intro
2. Scream Club Vs. Ben Adorable Feat. Peaches Fine As Fuck
3. Mignon Demons Of Love
4. Le Tigre Hot Topic
5. Barbara Morgenstern Mountain Place
6. Angie Reed G.G. (Gaudy Good)
7. Pam Hogg Honeyland
8. Rhythm King And Her Friends Speedometer
9. Hanin Elias Get It Back
10. Kevin Blechdom Me Saw Me Momma
11. Ana Da Silva Full Moon
12. Anat Ben David Virtual Leisure
13. Sir Alice Super Hero
14. Chicks On Speed Plastic Surgery
15. Vivien Goldman Launderette
16. Tina Weymouth Incognito
17. Client Down To The Underground
18. Kids On Tv Break Dance Hunx (Market Value Mix)
19. Boyskout School Of Etiquette
20. Erase Errata Dust
21. No Bra No Woman No Crime
22. Pulsallama Ungawa Pt. 2 (Way Out Guyana) Remix
23. Slits, The Typical Girls (Live)
24. Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business
25. Cherry Sunkist Nameless Dogs
26. Japanese Intelligence Mind Control Get The Picture
27. Autonervous Anchors Away
28. Cobra Killer Mr. Chang
29. Planningrock Changes
30. Hanayo Pita Pata
31. Bjork Storm
32. Tobi Vail Panic Of The Square
33. Gustav We Shall Overcome
34. Bonnie Vs. Hunter Our Inventions
35. Francoise Cactus You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
36. Liliput Die Matrosen
37. Katastrophe Your Girlfriend
38. Lesbians On Ecstasy Sedition
39. Electric Indigo & Dorit Chrysler Sheets
40. Cosey Fanni Tutti Licking The Jiuce
41. Hotel Motel Sucker Man
42. Gudrun Gut Girl Boogie
43. Creatures, The Godzilla (Siouxsie And Budgie's Girl Monster Mix)
44. Soffy O Maybe A Dog
45. Ella Bandita New Year's Eve
46. Las Perras Del Infierno Somos Las Perras
47. Juliette And The Licks You're Speaking My Language
48. Miss Le Bomb Pinkitan
49. Cat5 Sexy
50. Robots In Disguise Get Rid!
51. People Like Us Fom Fom
52. Michaela Melian Manifesto
53. Susanne Brokesch Heroes (History Mix)
54. Scream Club Vs. Leonard De Leonard International
55. Crystal Cookie Crystal Cookie (Lesson I)
56. Caro Snatch Say Trees
57. Malaria! Your Turn To Run
58. Raincoats, The Shoutin Out Loud
59. Vivien Goldman W/ Andy Caine & Manasseh Sound Seven Days
60. Ari Up Baby Mother (Toxicgirl Strip Mix)
61. Miss Pain Sell It 2 The Kids (Megaphone Version)