Upsilon Acrux / Galapagos Momentum
Album: Galapagos Momentum   Collection:General
Artist:Upsilon Acrux   Added:Jul 2007
Label:Cuneiform Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-08-12

UPSILON ACRUX - "Galapagos Momentum" CD (Cuneiform)
Amazing instrumental prog rock (or math rock if you prefer). Squirly, polyrhythmic, intricate, precise, complex, rock. Sometimes they get heavy, sometimes they get melodic with some beautiful guitar tones. Maybe DON CABALLERO and ORTHRELM are the best comparisons but even that's a bit of a stretch. All tracks are worth a listen.
**1. Repetitive guitar riff and what sounds like a lot of guitar tapping. After a few minutes, the track gets discordant, then melodic and even pretty.
**2. Lots of changes, fast/slow, loud/quiet, spazzy with odd effects on the guitar that sound like keyboards.
**3. More melodic, mellow and pretty. A burst at the end that reminds me of HELLA.
4. Bass solo to begin. I can't follow the drumming, it's just too complex for this non-drummer. This one is more like KING CRIMSON. Mostly melodic and lots of bass.
5. Never sits still. Never really sounds like a song. Lots of changes.
6. After the opening repetitive riff, there is a quiet noisy moment followed by some jazz and then an odd, space prog section.
7. Short and squirly and very much reminds me of ORTHRELM with the quick guitar runs.
8. Longer with unique changes of speed and near silent moments. Intricate interactions between all the players, nobody seems to be playing anywhere near the same thing but it all fits in a complicated web.
9. Very proggy sounding with more guitar effects that sound like keyboards.
**10. Stop-n-go, mathy, and slightly heavier. Fast and have I mentioned they can get very complex?
Great stuff. -mph

Track Listing
1. Who's Running Shit (Son Of Destiny's Child)   6. Touched By God (Inappropriately)
2. Petrovich   7. Cherry Pi
3. Expiration Date (Alaska My Darkness)   8. Hiking Up Feal Good Mountain (Further Than Ever Before)
4. Boa Vs. Crab   9. My Brother The Doctor
5. So Thereby...And Furthermore...Thus Henceforth...Mono   10. Intimate Barbarian