Eat, The / It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity
Album: It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity   Collection:General
Artist:Eat, The   Added:Jul 2007
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-12-08
Old punk rock (emphasis on the rock) circa: 1979 Miami, Florida. Previously only known to collectors-which is a shame ‘cause these guys have a number of really good tunes. Lots of sarcastic lyrics The Florida eqivualent of The Real Kids or Radio Birdman.

Disc 1
((((1)))) Catchy kinda raw rawk with pretty funny lyrics.
(((2)) Standard 70’s rawk & saracastic lyrics
((((3)))) Solid, melodic & fast-ish punk
(((4))) Good guitar tone, kinda flat vox & drumming
(((5))) Fast-ish 70’s punk with good guitars
(((((6))))) Enegetic & rippin’, near perfect punk
(((((7)))) Twangy, off-kilter and weird vocals.
(((8))) Bouncy, lo-fi punk with a lot of focus on the drums.
((9)) Chuck Berry-ish riffs. Bland vocals.
((((10)))) Really nice melodic punk ‘ala Buzzcocks (so much that it sounds a little like “Every Fallen in Love”)
((((11)))) Good power pop with funny lyrics
((((12)))) (FCC “get fucked” 0:58) Ripping 70’s punk with tons of attitude.
(((13))) Bouncy, horn-based funky stuff like the Big Boys. S’alright.
((14)) Generic rock riffs. Blah.
((((15)))) Funny vocals and lyrics, great guitar sound
((((16)))) Cool power pop/punk about a football receiver fucking up a play.
((((18)))) Simple but good riffs running from almost ska tempo but very punk.
(((19))) Melodic trad. r’n’ r riffs otherwise a good tune minuis the crap chorus.
((((20)))) Rudimentary fast punk with vocal harmonies in the chorus.
(((21))) Crude guitar sound, pretty good vox.
((22)) Weird funky/disco tempo with distorted guitars. Corny as hell.
((23)) (FCC “fuck”) Big on the attitude, low on the rockin’.
(((24))) Weird “rambling punk” thing with lyrics about gambling and baseball (Yogi Berra namely).
((25)) Really generic power-pop/punk-ish stuff
(((26))) Murky, echoey vocals and twangy guitars
(((27))) Twangy and pretty good, early American proto-punk style about dorky stuff on TV.
((28)) Lots of bass & “doot-doot” /twangy guitars, sounds like bland 70’s rock crud
(((29))) Uppity punk with multiple vocals.
(((30))) More of the same as #29 but with multiple vox.

Disc 2
(The Eat con’t)
((1)) Raw cover version of the BTO hit.
((((2)))) Nice live version of their “football song”
(((3))) Fast, raw and really too raw punk
(((4)) Power Pop with attitude.
(((6))) Nice & fast punk but too much feedback or crud clogging the recording
((7)) Punk-Funk goofiness. Meh
((8)) 70’s rock with sarcasm – poorly recorded
((((9)))) Fast, raw and tough ‘Mercian punk
((10)) (FCC “Fucker” 2x) Totally sloppy punk in the worst way possible.
((11)) Good riffs, so-so vocals
(((12))) (FCC “fuck” in the intro) Pretty good East Coast punk (even the accent comes out).
(13) (FCC “fuckin” in intro) Boring-ass rock
(((14))) Obnoxious varation of “Hey Joe”.
(15) Pointless cover version of an already bloated “classic rock” song.
((16)) Fucked up recording of #3 from disc 1
(((17))) (FCC “fucked” sung once) Noisy, overdriven but otherwise good version of #12 from Disc 1
((((18)))) Fast, raw and totally punk rawk.
((20)) (FCC “Fuck” said twice in intro) Loud, obnoxious version of their “hit”. Not bad but too heavy on the vox.
((((21)))) Another killer version of their football song.
(FCC “fuck” said 3x in the banter at end)
((((22)))) Snarling punk with a nice loud sound
(((23))) Good version (but a little too raw) of #7 from Disc 1
(24) Generic rock junk
(((25)) Fast-ish punk with goofy vocals.
(((26))) Twangy punk with pretty good vox.
Bitchy audience members and more banter.
(((27))) Fast punk with a raw overall sound
((28)) Half-assed punk with bad sound
((29)) Scatterbrain noisy punk-too sloppy.

Track Listing
1. Communist Radio   30. Hialeah
2. Catholic Love   31. We're An American Band
3. Jimmie B Goode   32. Open Man
4. Dr. Tv   33. Sub-Human
5. Silly Drug Songs   34. Hey Jackass
6. Nut Cop   35. She's Pissed Off
7. Kneecappin   36. Communist Radio
8. Party Line   37. Nixon's Binoculars
9. Living Like A Pig   38. Catholic Love
10. Mary Mary   39. Nut Cop
11. Hey Jackass   40. Get Me High
12. Sub-Human   41. M80 Ant Death
13. Nixon's Binoculars   42. Mary Mary
14. I Led Two Lives   43. I Led Two Lives
15. Ballbusters On Parade   44. Flower Punk
16. Open Man   45. La Woman
17. She's Pissed Off   46. Jimmie B Goode
18. Get Me High   47. Sub-Human
19. Young Guy   48. The Car
20. One Call To Cuba   49. Wooly Bully
21. Shoes Shoes Shoes   50. Communist Radio
22. Mr. Brown   51. Open Man
23. Manatee Smacker   52. Nut Cop
24. Dream Of Yogi   53. Kneecappin'
25. Money For The Police   54. I Led Two Lives
26. Octopus   55. Get Me High
27. Psychotic Mchale's Navy   56. Question Of Temperature
28. Search My Car   57. Party Line
29. M80 Ant Death   58. Silly Drug Songs
  59. Young Guy