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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Frantic Records/Refined  

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Empty Heart
2. Mar 01, 2008: New World Disorder
Little Richard Medley
5. Feb 09, 2008: New World Disorder
I Don't Believe You
3. Feb 29, 2008: Noise for your soul
Empty Heart
6. Feb 09, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton
The One In The Middle

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-01-02
Just like the title says, mid-60’s garage rock from Sacto. Plenty o’ fuzz, twang and farfisa organ at play here. Some “should been hits” and a few misses. Generally good stuff that helps you understand the nationwide (or really worldwide) garage rock pheonomeon aka: the post-Beatles/pre-psych era.

(((((1)))))) Up tempo & waaay fuzzed out riff and “I’m so down” lyrics. Pretty funny breakdown, too.
((((2)))) Twangy, farfisa, a decent amount of bass & harmonica. Very Eric Burdon vocals.
((((3)))) Standard, swingin’ tempo with a killer fuzz/organ tone. Pre-punk attitude for sure.
(((4))) More swingin’ tempo with a strong British influence ‘ala Donovan & The Yardbirds.
((((5)))) Bluesy guitars and slow twang from the 2nd guitar. Kinda similar to the Troggs.
(((6))) Too lo-fi but some nice drumming and too reliant on the Beatles/Easybeats type harmonies.
((7)) Super twangy, reverby, mess of hippy haze
(((8))) “Proper” lo-fi, twang & rave-up. Though a little flat overall.
(((((9))))) Groovy, fuzzy & wild raw soul & rock combo. Awesome!
(((10))) Raw, early rock n’ roll infused garage action.
(((11))) Mellow, strummy, introspective and kind of folk-rock. Pretty decent.
((((12)))) Fast (for 1966 anyway), with lots of “doot-doot-doot” guitar. Like pop-punk before the fact.
((13)) Rough & raw version of Yardbirds & early Stones, really TOO raw. Everything’s so loud it’s distorted almost beyond recognition.
(((14))) Nice bits of harmonica, guitar and pretty decent soulful vox. Although too many loose parts.
(((15))) Super lo-fi, mid-paced twang & tamborine. heavy percussion. Like the Who in a $5 studio.
((16)) Boring, farty, hippie folk-rock.
((17)) Sloppy, shouty, swaggery like a discount version of Them or The Animals.
((((18)))) Snappy beat, nice guitar sound and totally poppy vocals. (Not the best sound but it works).
((19)) Simple early r n’r formula but it was probably big at somebody’s malt shop in ’66.
((((20)))) Galloppy guitars, dirty vocals & overall sound. Raw and right from the gut. Spot on!
(21) Huh? Mommas & The Popas type of elevator pop. Kack!
(((22))) The usual overblown vocals & organ sound. Not bad. Their “hey, little schoolgirl” theme should go.
((((23)))) Twangy, swingin’ early rock vibe with a nice sound sorta like Buddy Holly brought up to Mid-60’s speed.
((24)) Chorus-laden, dreary kinda Beach Boys/kinda Beatleish melancholic pop. Nothing special.
(((25))) Fun & simple, silly 60’s dance band take on Little Richard tunes. Custom made for a movie on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.
(((26))) Pretty good cover of the American rock classic tune.
((27)) Badly recorded, kinda fuzzy, white blues-rock-garage tune all ‘bout alimony. Yawn.
((28)) Cruddy Brit invasion wannabe junk.
(((29))) Twangy very, uptempo & vocal harmony depend Brit/Beach Boys sounding but not too bad for what it is.
(((30)) Slow, organ & really loud vocal version of the Yardbirds classic. Decent but sounds mostly like someone’s square dad trying too hard to be “cool”.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Marauders Our Big Chance
2. Gear One Ball Of Twine
3. Sel-Sync Dirty Books
4. Fugitives Blowing My Mind
5. Mods Empty Heart
6. Plague, Ltd. Doing What I Wanna Do
7. City Limits I Don't Mind You
8. Squires I Want You
9. Gear One The One In The Middle
10. Squires Since I Met You
11. Plague, Ltd. They're No Better
12. New Generation We'll Talk About Sunshine
13. Mods Woman
14. Gear One Feel A Groove
15. Heard, The Little Miss Sad
16. Opposite Six Why Did You Lie?
17. Squires You Don't Have To Bring Your Toys
18. Fugitives Come On Now
19. Gear One Woke Up This Morning
20. Heard, The I Don't Believe You
21. Brimstones I'm In Misery
22. Pilferage Humor Little Girl
23. Marauders Since I Met You (2nd Version)
24. Plague, Ltd. So Cold
25. Gear One Little Richard Medley
26. Marauders Route 66
27. Gear One Alimony
28. Brimstones Cold Hearted Woman
29. Mods She's A Mod
30. Unknown Band For Your Love