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Artist:Bonde Do Role   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Varrick Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Nov 04, 2007: New World Disorder
Danca Da Ventuinha
4. Oct 14, 2007: New World Disorder
Ma´Quina De Ricota
2. Nov 02, 2007: Nag Champa Orangeasm
Funk Da Esfiha
5. Oct 07, 2007: New World Disorder
Funk Da Esfiha
3. Oct 28, 2007: New World Disorder
Melo Do Tobaco (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
6. Sep 29, 2007: New World Disorder
Melo Do Tabaco (Pirate Soundsystem's Girls On Pills Remix)

Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2007-09-05
Bonde do Role – Remixed
Reviewed by Sadie O., 8/24/07
More or less utterly mad electronic remixes of what already a pretty nutted band. Mostly Baile Funk, as the original, but many of the second half of the album get pretty far from that beat. Mostly half-shouted vocals and high energy. Since these are downloaded from a variety of (legit) sources, the levels vary.
No FCCs in English – not sure about Brazilian Portuguese… I like 5 and 19 best.
1. **great funky metallic beat, bit of “Final Countdown”, uptempo Baile Funk riddim, both male and female vocals. Just cheering for last 10 secs or so.
2. ***midtempo Baile beat – very similar to original.
3. **trumpet blats and handclaps intro, then processed vocals and handclaps – builds layers to a midtempo riddim and back to another set of vocals (some in English) and handclaps. Lots of fun!
4. ***complex uptempo metallic beat and female vocals. If this don’t make you smile, I can’t do nothin’ for ya, man.
5. ****absolutely mad Baile Funk with hard rock guitars, lots of energy. Similar to original, but with lots of extra noises and production touches. Mad!
6. **more madness, with male and female vocals, big balloon-y sounding electronic beats. Familiar melody – what is this?
7. ***Louie Louie and layers of stuff, silky spoken female vocals. Yummy mix.
8. *glitchy bits of smooth jazz, then downtempo squinky electronics and the usual half-shouted female vocals. Disjointed in patches.
9. *uptempo rave beat, bits of vocals stuck together into a rhythm. Lots of aggressive electronic noises. Repeated “Afrika Bambaata”… Much more electronica/experimental than other tracks.
10. **midtempo, spoken vocals from track 7, but without much Baile Funk, lots of beepy and screeky electronic riddim. Down to simple 4/4 beat and bells for much of last minute.
11. ***about 2/3 “heavy metal” and 1/3 funk ‘n’ scratch with female vocals. Definitely a novel sound!
12. **interesting cobbled beat and tiny bits of vocals, hummy electronics. Bits of actual female singing, very processed. Switches to mellow and downtempo with apparent heavenly choirs, jazzy keyboards, glitch. Huh!
13. **50’s cha cha and Baile Funk beat, part relaxed and part upbeat. Whew!
14. ***processed and chopped, with occasionally recognizable funky bits. Absolutely bums-up mad, frankly.
15. *elecronic dance beat and occasional blips, occasional moments of inexplicable sweetness.
16. *beat seems to continue from previous track, but there’s a bit of “Layla”, more of the original vocals.
17. *4/4 midtempo beat with some squonks, but pretty laid-back.
18. *another version, mostly beats. Scary bits.
19. ****midtempo Baile Funk, male vocals, much the same music as original, but different vocals, lyrics.

Track Listing
1. Ma´Quina De Ricota   10. Her / Funk Da Esfiha (Paul Devro Blend)
2. Melo Do Tabaco   11. Melo Do Tabaco (A-Trak Remix)
3. Gasolina (Scottie B + King Tutt Remix)   12. Melo Do Tabaco (Bonjay Remix)
4. Melo Do Tabaco (Ghislain Poirier Remix)   13. Melo Do Tabaco (Paul Devro Sweet Mango Mix)
5. Danca Da Ventuinha   14. Melo Do Tabaco (Pirate Soundsystem's Girls On Pills Remix)
6. Caldinho   15. Melo Do Tabaco (Radioclit Remix)
7. Funk Da Esfiha   16. Melo Do Tabaco (Sinden Remix)
8. Melo Do Tobaco (Diplo Remix)   17. Melo Do Tabaco (Xxxchange Remix With The Ford Granada)
9. Gasolina Crookers Crunk   18. Melo Do Tobaco (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
  19. Respostadotabaco (Smoke My Tabaco Mix)