Various Artists / Brain In A Box: Disc 4 - Incidental/Lounge
Album: Brain In A Box: Disc 4 - Incidental/Lounge   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2007
Label:Rhino Records  

Recent Airplay
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4. Dec 14, 2007: Memory Select
On Planet X
2. Dec 25, 2007: RipRidah Radio Xmas Special
Lunar Rhapsody, Frozen Neptune
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Frozen Neptune
3. Dec 24, 2007: New World Disorder's Eve
Theremin Solo
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Frozen Neptune

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Russ Garcia And His Orchestra Frozen Neptune
2. Les Baxter Lunar Rhapsody
3. Ferrante & Teicher Man From Mars
4. Frank Comstock On The Dark Side Of The Moon
5. Les Baxter Saturday Night On Saturn
6. Attilio Mineo Welcome To Tomorrow
7. Dick Hyman Space Reflex (Blues In 5/4)
8. City Of Prague Philharmonic, The Mars, Bringer Of War From The Planets
9. Dr. Samuel Hoffman Theremin Solo
10. Billy Mure Guitars In Space
11. Russ Garcia And His Orchestra Nova (Exploding Star)
12. Sun Ra Space Is The Place
13. Raymond Scott And His Orchestra Twighlight Zone
14. Perrey Kingsley Cosmic Ballad
15. Dick Hyman Moon Gas
16. Russ Garcia Monsters Of Jupiter
17. Jerry Goldsmith She Likes Me
18. Frank Coe Tone Tales From Tomorrow
19. Leonard Nimoy Alien
20. David Garland With John Zorn On Planet X