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Album: This Is L.A.   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2008

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1. Apr 10, 2019: Brownian Motion
Under My Thumb, I Hate The Rich, Bloodstains
4. Jul 06, 2016: Brownian Motion
Born Dead, Bloodstains
2. Mar 06, 2019: Brownian Motion
I Hate The Rich, Six Pack, 1945
5. May 18, 2016: Brownian Motion
Children Should Not Be Heard
3. Jan 23, 2019: Brownian Motion
Six Pack, Children Should Not Be Heard, Out Of Vogue, Born Dead, Paranoid Chant, Bloodstains, Nervous Breakdown, 1945, Forming
6. May 11, 2016: Brownian Motion

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2008-01-12
These are high quality digital transfers from original vinyl of extremely rare seven inches by foundation hardcore punk bands from Los Angeles. A lot of these tracks have gone on to find their way onto CD re-releases over the years but here they are in their original forms, with no "digital remastering" or remixing. This is as close as you will come to hearing them the way they were intended as you can without owning the vinyl (in fact, chances are this digital transfer from my super high-end turntable will sound better than it would with an average system).

These tracks havent been cleaned up. Most of them are FCC friendly but a few have an occassional expletives.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dils I Hate The Rich
2. Dils You're Not Blank
3. Germs, The Forming
4. Germs, The The Germs Live
5. Black Flag Nervous Breakdown
6. Black Flag Fix Me
7. Black Flag I've Had It
8. Black Flag Wasted
9. Middle Class Out Of Vogue
10. Middle Class You Belong
11. Middle Class Situations
12. Middle Class Insurgence
13. Cheifs Blues
14. Cheifs Knocked Out
15. Cheifs Tower 18
16. Middle Class Home Is Where
17. Middle Class A Blueprint For Joy
18. Middle Class Last Touch
19. Middle Class Introductory Rights
20. Minutemen Validation
21. Minutemen The Maze
22. Minutemen Definitions
23. Minutemen Sickles And Hammers
24. Minutemen Fascist
25. Minutemen Joe Mccarthy's Ghost
26. Minutemen Paranoid Chant
27. Black Flag Six Pack
28. Black Flag I've Heard It Before
29. Black Flag American Waste
30. Minutemen Joy
31. Minutemen Blacksheep
32. Minutemen More Joy
33. Agent Orange Bloodstains
34. Agent Orange America
35. Agent Orange Bored Of You
36. Lost Cause Born Dead
37. Lost Cause No Justice
38. Lost Cause American Hero
39. Lost Cause Senior Citizen
40. Mad Society Riot Squad
41. Mad Society Skitz
42. Mad Society Napalm
43. Mad Society Termanally
44. Mad Society Little Devil
45. Minutemen Afternoons
46. Minutemen Futurism Restated
47. Minutemen Split Red
48. Minutemen If Reagan Played Disco
49. Minutemen Case Closed
50. Sin-34 American America
51. Sin-34 Children Should Not Be Heard
52. Sin-34 The Uniform
53. Sin-34 12 Hour Trip
54. Sin-34 Join The Race
55. Social Distortion 1945
56. Social Distortion Under My Thumb
57. Social Distortion Playpen
58. Tsol Man And Machine
59. Tsol Weathered Statues
60. Tsol Thoughts Of Yesterday
61. Tsol Word Is
62. Decry Resurrection/Strapped In
63. Decry Sorority Girls
64. Negative Element Anti-Pac Man
65. Negative Element What Ever Happened To Elmer Fudd?
66. Negative Element Temples Of Corruption
67. Negative Element Just Be Yourself
68. Negative Element Police Beat (On Me)
69. Negative Element No Way Out
70. Negative Element Dough Boy
71. Negative Element Pay The Lord