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Dwi/Insanity, Out Of Step, What To I Want, The Baby Is Dead, Beastie Boys, Multi-Death Corporation, John Wayne Was A Nazi, Right To Be Wild, In A Car, M.I.C., Beach Blanket Bong Out
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2008-01-12 
These are high quality digital transfers from original vinyl of extremely rare seven inches by foundation hardcore punk bands from across the country. A lot of these tracks have gone on to find their way onto CD re-releases over the years but here they are in their original forms, with no "digital remastering" or remixing. This is as close as you will come to hearing them the way they were intended as you can without owning the vinyl (in fact, chances are this digital transfer from my super high-end turntable will sound better than it would with an average system).

These tracks havent been cleaned up. Most of them are FCC friendly but a few have an occassional expletives. Avoid tracks titled "fuck you" (DOA) and most Minor Threat songs unless you are in safe harbor.


Feederz: Phoenix, very unique sound, definately not generic or typical hardcore sound. Exceedingly intelligent and anti-social lyrics, themes

Society Dog: SF band

JFA (Jody Fosters Army): the original skate-punk band, from Phoenix. They were all about 15 when they recorded this.

Meat Puppets: not "hardcore" per se, these guys were just plain old weird. This stuff falls into hardcore cuz it was intense and out of control. They ended up on SST records in their first few years but after about 1984 turned into a terrible rudderless "college rock" band. blegh!

Minor Threat: epitome of the DC, east coast sound. Very disciplined, going well with their straightedge philosophy. Went on to become Fugazi. Many FCCs as Ian was generally pissed off and couldnt express himself otherwise.

Stains: became MDC because of name conflicts with LA band. moved to SF from austin. Very political, uber hyper political in fact. Very intelligent stuff.

Beastie Boys: Yes, this is THE beastie boys, proving that they were in fact a NYC hardcore punk band when they started out. In the photo on the record they all look about 15 years old.

DOA: Vancouver band, one of the first. Their sound and approach was mostly just political heaviness, serving as inspiration for bands that followed, that became "hardcore". Its argued that DOA coined the term "hardcore".

Double-O: DC band, incestous with Minor Threat.

Husker Du: Minneapolis trio. In 1985 they were picked up briefly by a major label and everyone thought that they were the first sell-outs, that hardcore was about to become palatable. The record tanked in the mainstream (which had to wait til hardcore was sugar coated enough by Nirvana to bite) but the band is famous for bringing pop and accessible sentiments to punk, helping to invent "alternative" and "indie rock" (with the Pixies, et al).

Jerry's Kidz: Albuquerque band, skaters, that shredded. Underappreciated, this record is RARE.

No Thanks: one of the small handful of bands that were truly hardcore with a female singer, front person (sorry, the Avengers dont count). From SF.

Rebel Truth: Sacramento, very rare.

Seven Seconds: Reno band that grandstanded all things straight edge and skater, to point of being nauseating.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Feederz, TheJesus
2.Feederz, TheSotp You're Killing Me
3.Feederz, TheAvon Lady
4.Feederz, TheTerrorist
5.Society DogWorking Class People
6.Society DogBad Dreams
7.JfaOut Of School
9.JfaDo The Hannigan
11.JfaBeach Blanket Bong Out
12.JfaCoke And Snickers
13.Meat PuppetsIn A Car
14.Meat PuppetsBig House
15.Meat PuppetsDolphin Field
16.Meat PuppetsOut In The Gardener
17.Meat PuppetsForeign Lawns
18.Minor ThreatIn My Eyes
19.Minor ThreatOut Of Step
20.Minor ThreatGuilty Of Being White
21.Minor ThreatStepping Stone
22.Minor ThreatFiller
23.Minor ThreatI Dont Want To Hear It
24.Minor ThreatSeeing Red
25.Minor ThreatStraight Edge
26.Minor ThreatSmall Man Big Mouth
27.Minor ThreatScreaming At A Wall
28.Minor ThreatBottled Violence
29.Minor ThreatMinor Threat
30.Society DogHow Could I Feel It
31.Society DogThe Baby Is Dead
32.Society DogOn The Street
33.Stains (Mdc)John Wayne Was A Nazi
34.Stains (Mdc)Born To Die
35.Beastie BoysBeastie Boys
36.Beastie BoysTransit Cop
37.Beastie BoysJimi
38.Beastie BoysHoly Snappers
39.Beastie BoysRiot Fight
40.Beastie BoysOde To...
41.Beastie BoysMichelle's Farm
42.Beastie BoysEgg Raid On Mojo
43.D.O.A.Right To Be Wild
44.D.O.A.Fuck You
45.Double-OYou've Lost
46.Double-OIs It Better
47.Double-OGrey To Black
48.Double-ODeath Of A Friend
49.Double-OThere's No Reasoning
50.Husker DuIn A Free Land
51.Husker DuWhat To I Want
52.Husker DuM.I.C.
53.Jerry's KidzMarionettes
54.Jerry's KidzBrs
55.Jerry's KidzThat's Life
56.Jerry's KidzDwi/Insanity
57.MdcMulti-Death Corporation
58.MdcSelfish Shit
59.MdcRadioactive Chocolate
60.MdcNo Place To Piss
61.Minor ThreatSalad Days
62.Minor ThreatStumped
63.Minor ThreatGood Guys Don't Wear White
64.No ThanksAre You Ready To Die
65.No ThanksOffice Jerk
66.No ThanksRat Cheese
67.No ThanksFuck Everything
68.No ThanksPoseur
69.Rebel TruthThe Request
70.Rebel TruthTry
71.Rebel TruthIn The Red
72.Rebel TruthTrickle Down
73.Rebel TruthChild Hosts The Parasite
74.Rebel TruthMoneyman
75.Rebel TruthWhere The Heart Is
76.Rebel TruthThe Good Life
77.Rebel TruthUnscene Effort
78.Seven Seconds5 Years Of Lies
79.Seven SecondsDrug Control
80.Seven SecondsBottomless Pit
81.Seven SecondsFight Your Own Fight
82.Seven SecondsCommitted For Life
83.Seven SecondsThis Is The Angry
84.Seven SecondsAggro