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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2008-05-14
Soul Messages From Dimona – Funk, soul jazz, psych rock, and gospel with an interesting twist. This is a compilation of songs recorded between 1975-1981 of U.S. ex-pats that moved to Israel to form the Israeli Black Hebrew culture in Dimona, Israel. Wow! This is some truly amazing music. Full of funk and soul jazz but with flavors of gospel, psychedelia, and afrobeat mixed together with their messages about Old Testament stories and messages of peace and freedom. The idea of leaving behind the slavery, racism, and social problems of the U.S and being free and happy in Israel is a common topic. The music is great. Almost each group sounds like large bands of organ, guitars, full horn sections, tons of percussion, and usually many singers. And with the different style mixtures of funk, soul, soul jazz, gospel, and some psych elements, there’s something for everyone. It’s a very unique sound that you won’t find anywhere else. Take the time to check this out!! FCC clean.
My Picks: 1, 3, 4, 9, 11
Katie P. 5/14/08

1) Fades in with wind sounds and goes into a driving uptempo funky groove with a taste of psychedelia. Heavy bass, wah-wah guitars, and a full chorus singing “Burn devil burn”. Solid organ, nice horns, and tons of percussion as well. Wow!! Fades out on a percussion solo.
2) Starts with uptempo horn hits and heavy bass. Almost a disco beat to it. Vocals come in singing in Hebrew (I think, I’m not really sure what language that is). Great high energy.
3) Solid midtempo funky beat with wah-wah guitar and piano. Vocals alternate between various people and have a bit of a Jackson 5 feel. Totally fun and bouncy.
4) Slower laid-back midtempo with a reggae-style beat. Female vocals definitely have a gospel soul feel. Simple guitar and organ with a taste of psych.
5) Fades in with acoustic guitar and saxophone. Slower and laid-back. Smooth male vocals. Soul jazz sound with lyrics about getting out of the racist U.S. and coming to Israel (where he’s supposed to be). Warning: uses the N word a few times.
6) Solid midtempo soul ballad with horns and piano. Simple guitar and organ too. Sounds like male falsetto vocals, singing in Hebrew (again, I think, not sure).
7) Wah-wah guitar starts it off and then the horns come in with a nice solid midtempo soul jazz sound and a touch of spacey and psychedelic feel. Male vocals. About 1/3 through everything drops out and the song gets a more afrobeat sound with the horns and percussion. This mixes with the soul jazz sound of the guitar. Even later it starts sounding more like a rock-gospel piece. Wow, this is all over the place, but super cool.
8) Uptempo jazz beat. Sax solo has some weird psychedelic effects. Then it goes into a nice drum solo and back into the melody. Instrumental.
9) Starts with loud city sounds, fades out, and goes into a funky lowdown midtempo groove. Multiple male vocals make some great layering. Nice full horns. Lyrics about how modernization is evil and ruining everything.
10) Bouncy funk with just a touch of soul jazz. Fun running horns with a huge sax solo in the middle. Guitar solo with psych wah-wah sound. Don’t let the false ending fool you. Instrumental.
11) Super tight horns start off this funky soul jazz number. Fun and uptempo. Nice jangley guitars and laid-back bass line mix well with the driving force of the horns. Builds and builds through the sax solo. Instrumental.
12) Laid-back midtempo with a full band sound (organ, horns, gutars, etc.). Smooth soulful singing about Dimona, Israel.
13) Tough funky sound with political/social commentary lyrics. Male lead vocals with female backups. Wah-wah guitar, piano, and full horn section.
14) Laid-back bouncy stroll. Cute breezy soul sound with a little touch of a reggae beat to it. Male lead vocals with female backups. Lyrics about how Israel is the place to be.
15) Slowly fades in with guitars and cymbals. Very dramatic and slow. Male vocals start singing about the messiah, god, etc. Music comes back and picks up a little.
16) Slow dragging midtempo. Horns have an afrobeat sound. Slow funky brooding groove with male vocals. Vocals have some psychedelic echo effects here and there.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Soul Messengers Burn Devil Burn
2. Soul Messengers Our Lord And Savior
3. Tonistics Holding On
4. Spirit Of Israel, The Daniel
5. Sons Of The Kingdom Hey There
6. Soul Messengers Go To Proclaim
7. Soul Messengers Equilibrium
8. Soul Messengers Prince Of Zeal
9. Sons Of The Kingdom Modernization
10. Soul Messengers Heaven Of Heavens
11. Soul Messengers Victory
12. Tonistics Dimona (Spiritual Capitol Of The World)
13. Soul Messengers Junky Baby
14. Spirit Of Israel, The A Place To Be
15. Soul Messengers Messiah
16. Soul Messengers Savior In The East