Funeral Pyre, The / Wounds
Album: Wounds   Collection:General
Artist:Funeral Pyre, The   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Prosthetic Records  

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Black Earth
2. Oct 11, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton - Sports by Schwartz Mix
Black Earth

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-08-14
Melodic but consistently fast black death metal from L.A. The production (by Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal). Is crisp and clear without being too glossy. The drums are real, riffs vocals are screamed with that Tompa Lindberg-like (At The Gates, Disfear) rasp. Plus, they even let the bass show up a on more than one song. TFP takes out much of the filler and get down to the basics of riffs and aggression then balancing it with a proper sense of melody. Certainly a band with promise. sIn the realm of Dissection, early Agalloch and Suicide Nation.

((((1)))) Zig-zagging riffs, fast tempo with a slow, doomy breakdown that goes on a little long.
(((((2)))))) Cold, ‘stormy’ black/death ‘ala Dissection mixed with the “passionate” side of true emo (see Funeral Diner, Yahphet Kotto, etc). Good stuff.
(((((3))))) Battering drums, tremolo riffs galore, screamed out vocals and a lot of (bloody) heart. Great guitar sound and riffs.
(((4))) Confusing, jagged tempos that don’t work too well minus the good guitar tone.
(((((5))))) Blasting, raging Black/Death awesome-ness. Excellent 80’s metal solos. Sounds exhausting when it’s all done but that’s the joy of it all.
(((6))) More blasting but a with an epic vibe. Lumbers on to that so-so “mid-paced Black Metal” thing that’s more miss than hit.
(((((7))))) Hammering and bombastic with a nice bass sound underneath it all. Interesting albeit abstract lyrics attacking either religion or racism. Not sure but it make a good point either way.
((((8)))) Balancing the speed/aggression with the melodic parts with a lot of focus. Similar to Agalloch circa: “The Oak that Binds”
(((9)))) Acoustic strums and martial drumming, then fast tremolo riff worshipping BM, repetitive but still memorable and with more than a few interesting changes.

Track Listing
1. Thieves   5. These Ties That Bind
2. Black Earth   6. Arches Of Existence
3. The Gathering Bones   7. When The Light Ends
4. Wounds   8. Devourer
  9. Ghost Walker