Unleashed / Hammer Battalion
Album: Hammer Battalion   Collection:General
Artist:Unleashed   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Spv Gmbh  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-07-23
KICK-ASS riff heavy, death metal from Sweden. Unleashed has been around since ’90 and after Bathory (and shortly thereafter Enslaved), were the first extreme metal bands to sing about Viking/Norse themes. Unlike most Death Metal, Johnny Helund’s vocals are very audible. Great production and good mix of different tempos. Nearly all killer from start to finish.

((((((1)))))) Fast, and -“oüh”! Riff charged death metal with anti-religious lyrics. “The Christian values a marketing game/Through holy wars and terror in our name”. Damn straight!
((((2)))) Great opening riff and vocals. Dispelling the myth of Christ being born in December.
(((((3))))) Dense and thick tone with totally commanding vocals. More words of anti-religious spite.
((((((4)))))) Fast, unrelenting, no b.s. Death Metal.
((((5)))) Slow & doomy but still very catchy and memorable.
(((((6))))) Burly riffs and totally headbangin’ sound. Militant vocals that emphasize every word and extend syllable in that classic metal style (“Fa---ll”, “Burrnnnn!”)
(((((7)))) Amazing cyclical riff, very deep vocals and nice breakdown.
((((((8)))))) Blastin then mid-paced and back and again. The fast parts are really rad Black Metal-ish and the Helund’s vocals are simply incredible here.
((((((9)))))) Rockin’ and super heavy death/doom. Deals with how the old Norse honored their dead.
(((((10))))) Fast and rippin’ with plenty of bass. Wild, very 80’s soloing. Good but sort of confusing anti-political/anti-capitalist (!?) lyrics.
(((((11)))) Like a better version of Melodic Death Metal but way more focused on the riff and intense vocals than shoving Iron Maiden-y squiggles everywhere.
(((((((12))))))) The kind of song that makes you go “Fuck Yeaaaaah, Unleashed!” No more needs to be said.
((((((13))))) (FCCs “fucking” sung once near the end) Riffs that galloping like Odin’s 8 legged steed. Catchy riffs and a real “fuck off” attitude. “

Track Listing
1. The Greatest Of All Lies   7. Entering The Hall Of The Slain
2. Long Before Winter's Call   8. Black Horizon
3. Your Children Will Burn   9. Carved In Stone
4. Hammer Battalion   10. Warriors Of Midgard
5. This Day Belongs To Me   11. Midsummer Solstice
6. Marching Off To War   12. Home Of The Brave
  13. I Want You Dead