Desaster / 666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
Album: 666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate   Collection:General
Artist:Desaster   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Metal Blade  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-07-29
Black/Death/Thrash Metal par excellence from Germany. Throwin’ down a bunch of killer riffs, commanding, blood dripping vocals and the “traditional” topics of satan, violence, death and metal. Plenty of variation to keep it from getting boring and a ton of attitude. Desaster’s been doing this since ’92 and could give a fuck about your limited edition Boris vinyl or “teen thrash”.

Lots of nods to Destruction (whose “Total Desaster” they took their name from), (’83-’85 era) Slayer, Possessed, Master, Urgehal, etc. In all non-stop, fist pounding METAL!

((((1)))) Bombastic intro with martial industrial vibe like Arditi or In The Nursery. Rather good.
(((((2)))))) Totally vicious and annihilating black/thrash. “C’mon Bastarrrrrds!”
((((((3))))) Rippin’ riffage, with a killer “wrrrororrrrarrr!” Fast and sharp with heavy breakdowns. Like early Slayer crossed with Master.
((((((4)))))) Pummeling blackened death/thrash that speeds up Slayer’s “Black Magic” riff and has a very similar breakdown. Vocals with plenty of extended syllables (riiiituuuaeeelllll!”). Awesome!
(((((5))))) (FCC “Fucking” sung twice in the first breakdown)Manic D-beat (?!?) lovin’ thrash, catchy, riffy, rudimentary and banged the fucked out! “This is the night/posers will fear”!
((((6))))) Tremolo picked riffs, that goes immediately into full Nordic BM blast with deep vocals. The fast-then-faster parts are pretty impressive.
(((((7))))) Basic, bare bones guttural death/black/thrash mayhem. Pretty awesome though at times just TOO basic.
(((((8))))) Traditional riffing and bombast, a mini-epic with slow but very effective, neck breakin’ build up. Guest vox from the dudes from Primordial, Absu & Melecesh.
((((((((9))))))) Back to the speed und thrashhhhhh! “The Venomousss Steeeeeennch!” Danke, Desaster!
(((((10))))) (Careful: long outro starting at 3:28) Rhythmic, and very late 80s/early 90’s Black/Death infected thrash metal with more ‘bangin’ riffs and pick slides, too!

Track Listing
1. The March Of Fire And Conquest (Intro)   6. Fate Forever Flesh
2. Satan's Soldiers Syndicate   7. Vile We Dwell
3. Angel Extermination   8. Tyrannizer
4. Razor Ritual   9. Venomous Stench
5. Hellbangers   10. More Corpses For The Grave