Misery Index / Traitors
Album: Traitors   Collection:General
Artist:Misery Index   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Relapse Records  

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American Idolatry

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-10-16
Thick & dense, modern American Death Metal. Plenty of aggression and spite in the music but also in the socio-political lyrics. They also take a pretty strong influence from hardcore without it devolving into the obvious. Great packaging covering quotes from Thomas Paine, George Carlin and Baudrillard. In all a pretty killer album.

((((1)))) Mosh riff filled intro, setting the stage for what’s to come.
((((((2)))))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Pummeling, d-beating & blasting you down with riff after riff, pickslides!, good use of pinch harmonics & breakdowns, too.
(((3))) Good riffs & guitar sound but overall mostly falls flat.
(((((4)))))) Machine gun blasting, confrontational vocals. The tempos get remarkably intense in the fast to faster parts. And it has a “GO!”
((((5)))) Slow, stacked riffing ‘ala Gorjira then technical yet melodic DM big wide open sound. Rather good.
(((((6))))) Opening riff has that “holy shit, dood – lookout!” feeling and it rarely ceases. Gets better after multiple spins.
(((((((7)))))) Slamming, annihilating DM with the all the necessary elements including cymbal crashes and another “GO!”
(((((((((8))))))))) (FCC “fucking” sung 2x) Heavy as bricks, D-beat battering ‘ala Wolfbrigade. HELL YESSS!
(((((((9))))))) Towering amounts of complex riffing into a straight forward battle charge. Extra points for the made up word “celeprosy” (i.e. - leprosy from too much celeb exposure).
((((10)))) Doomy, slowsh, melodic DM with tons of thick riffs. Not their best but a pretty good effort.
(((((11))))) Straight ahead riffage, mixed with stop/start to blasting. All maintaining a good kind of melodic vs. brutal vibe. Gets better after the first minute.

Track Listing
1. We Never Come In Peace   6. Occupation
2. Theocracy   7. Ruling Class Cancelled
3. Partisans Of Grief   8. The Arbiter
4. Traitors   9. American Idolatry
5. Ghosts Of Catalonia   10. Thrown Into The Sun
  11. Black Sites