Blah Blah 666 / It's Only Life!
Album: It's Only Life!   Collection:General
Artist:Blah Blah 666   Added:Dec 2008
Label:Barnyard Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-04-21
Strange mix of folk, world music, jazz, Morricorne/Nino Rota soundtracks, cartoon music and Spike Jones. (The composer not the video director).

(((1))) Twangy, jazzy, some Asian/Eastern scales & tones and chanting. Interesting but weird.
((((2)))) Lively, jazzy with banjo & melodica and total chaos at 1:06-1:29.
((((3)))) Off-kilter harmonics & banjo, weird time signature, some Hawai’ian sounds & other randomness. Gets more interesting as it goes along.
(((4))) Slow, short waltz
((((5)))) Trippy, Asian tone/scale but very twangy and cartoony.
((((6)))) Weird ska-jazz thing but with a Morricone-ish flavor.
((7)) Twangy, rubbery, 60’s surf (?) meets experimental jam that doesn’t work at all.
(((8))) Smoky, jazzy, like Lou Reed signing in a David Lynch movie at your local desert’s motel.
(((9))) Olde tymey, “flumpa-dumpa-strumma” jazz mixed with improv oddities. Confusing but amusing.
((10)) Guitar strums and other random pieces not glued together. Very cartoon-y.
((((11))) Weird version of the “generic Mexican” song. (As in every Speedy Gonzales cartoon). Done up with in a very odd tune and some neat percussion.
(((12))) Weird bassy, jazz with harmonica and a “free Dixieland” vibe?
(((13))) Cartoony take on another Mexican traditional. Lots of silliness but kind of fun.
((((14)))) A bit like a army march version of “Glory Hymn of the Republic” but think much better.
((15)) Campfire guitar and harmonica and a stray horn or two. Too loose sounding.

Track Listing
1. Blah Overture   8. Distracted By The Moon
2. Paso   9. Big Teepee
3. Home Sexuality   10. Specificity
4. Cielito Lindo   11. La Cucaracha
5. Chico Lympico   12. It's Only Life!
6. Blossom   13. Mexican Hat Dance
7. Dogs   14. Hymno Nacional Mexicano
  15. Sonata Tragica