Antrilon / Mind Erase
Album: Mind Erase   Collection:General
Artist:Antrilon   Added:Dec 2008
Label:Dead Earnest  

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Colliding Waves
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Colliding Waves

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-04-21
Greg Kozlowski brings forth a bunch of 70’s inspired “space music” ‘ala early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze & planetarium soundtracks. All done on old equipment (old Roland & Arp synths & modulators). Recorded on a 4-track. Interesting stuff that will work well when you wanna chill out, study or mix this with some spoken word.

(((1))) Floaty, minimal & airy. Slightly borders on newage but on closer listen it’s more ambient than anything.
((((2)))) UFO transmissions and reverberations which get increasingly louder, sounds like the Koetek” craziness that Sun Ra did.
(((((((3)))))))) Wow! Perfect 70’s space-ambient. So spacey you’ll expect Leonard Nimoy narrating some story about a ill-fated trip a few cosmonauts took in ’68. (“In Search Of…”)
((((4))) Slow, blurpy, jet streams, if this an invasion it sure is taking it’s time.
((((5)))) Electronic “boop-squiddles, wee, weeep, wooo-meeep, ,meeeps, peeiip, peeiip, aw-ah & yu-yu—i—iuuughh” Really that’s it.
(((6))) Back to floaty ambient with a slow ‘nunna-nanaa’ sounding wave in the background.
((((7)))) Long mix of electronic noise, laser canons and vector graphics breakthrough. Hit space bar for thrust. Rad lo-fi dark ambient effect near the middle and thermin sounds, Trippy!

Track Listing
1. Cathedral Cavern   3. Colliding Waves
2. Depths Of Insanity   4. Invasion Earth