Vitamin X / Full Scale Assault
Album: Full Scale Assault   Collection:General
Artist:Vitamin X   Added:Jan 2009

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-04-21
Super rockin’ & charged up hardcore The Netherlands. Blazing guitars, fast beats, snarlin’ vocals and lots of insightful social-politcal lyrics. Oddly enough, it’s produced by Steve Albini. Overall rather awesome hardcore that never ceases to rock the fuck out. Dig this if you like What Happens Next?, Poison Idea & Caustic Christ.

(((((1))))) Fast & hammering hardcore with call & response vocals, wailing guitars like Motorhead or Inepsy.
((((2)))) Cowbell (yeah, these dudes ARE down with classic rock), charging, aggressive with posi lyrics.
(((((3))))) Fast hardcore of right now! Killer bass sound. Exactly what the title says.
(((((4))))) Perfectly mixing punk AND hardcore. (Think Dead Boys at their fastest & some faster aggressive stuff like Bl’ast).
((((((5)))) Whirlwind speed like early Poison Idea or even D.R.I.
(((((6))))) Heavy, big riffy, thrashy hardcore
(((((7))))) Blurry FAST hardcore that totally rocks out & gets to the point right away.
(((((8)))))) Bassy, with a strong Discharge crossed with Motorhead vibe. Hell yeah!
(((9))) Chunky riffs, wailing guitars, mid-paced vibe. Pretty good.
((((10)))) Heavy hardcore with more wailing guitars as if Marc Emmerik is possessed by Fast Eddie Clarke.
(((((11))))) Tight riff, bassy and a great chorus. pissed off real hardcore like Negative Approach & Caustic Christ.
(((((12))))) Huge rockin’ hardcore sound, killer guitar & vocals.
(((13))) Fast & almost TOO fast HC, sounds kinda forced. Interesting metaphor for corporate takeovers, though.
(((((14))))) Black Flaggish hardcore awesome-ness with thick metal by way of the Dead Boys riffing. Rippin’ bass & guitar breaks.
((((15)))) (FCC “fucking”) Fast & hammering, circle pit causing.
((((((16))))) Total metal-punk awesomeness with big Misfits-like choruses and more blazing guitars.
(((17))) Sludgy but very hardcore, short & to the point. Not bad but not all there.
((((18)))) Pick slides and fretboard massacring, raucous hardcore.
(((((19)))) A chunk of Black Flag mixed with the riff to the Weirdos’ “Solitary Confinement” and more metallic guitar damage. “Oüh!”.
((((20)))) TOO MANY FCCs – AVOID!

Track Listing
1. Full Scale Assault   11. Pressure Release
2. Deal With It   12. Big Black Hole
3. Get In The Pit   13. Slam Dunk
4. Pull No Punches   14. Disintigration/Civilization
5. Better Get Away From Me   15. Blown Away
6. Time Has Come   16. Whatcha Gonna Do
7. You Suck   17. Wake Up
8. Grim Reaper   18. Block Bust
9. Take It Or Leave It   19. Suburban Nightmare
10. Head Full Of Demons   20. Yes Sir, No Sir