Primal Static / Rising In The Bud
Album: Rising In The Bud   Collection:General
Artist:Primal Static   Added:Jan 2009

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Album Review
Reviewed 2009-04-14

Genre: Alternative Blues/Psychedelic Soul
Sounds Like: Awesome Color Kings of Leon, The Stooges, Jimmy Hendrix
Personal Picks: Track 3, 2, 4, 1 General: “Rising in the Bud” promotes a classic rock bluesy guitar sound and bass rhythm that is reinvented with an experimental flare of ambient rock through electronic drumbeats and synth-keyboard rifts and special effects. The lead singer Greg Thuman channels the weathered vocals of The Walkman’s Hamilton Leithauser with some Dylan stylized articulations of words and phrases. This album has a wide-variety of moody tunes to choose from as tracks range from chill trippy rock to heavy distorted guitar ballads. Most tracks have guitar solos that showcase Greg Thuman’s musical talent.

Track Descriptions: 1. Burning Soul (6:11) Repetitive sound driven by a choppy stomping guitar rift. 2. Empty Moon (5:59) Slow feather light feeling of a Bowie-like trance rock ballad from “Low”. Awesome guitar solo that picks up from the middle. 3. Overture (3:22) Loud aggressive instrumental track that shows off Thuman’s guitar playing skills. Rifts break into a long stream of heavy distorted guitar that is dubbed over the previous sound. 4. See Me Through (6:17) Anguished vocals that repeat over an ambient rock sound that haunt the listener with the surreal feeling of a Jim Morrison-like contemplation. 5. Shimmers (4:09) Promotes their integrative use of special effects--basically an experimental track. 6. Fraulein (1:32) Purely an instrumental track that showcases the classical piano talent of Houfei Yang, the keyboard player. Choppy staccatos that increase in speed—remind me of a film score for a ghostly noir film. 7. Heart In Your Mouth (3:50) Vocals that sound like calls of protests, standard classic guitar riff. Pretty bad ass guitar solo in the middle of the track—sending off a Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe. 8. Sunrise (2:44) Drowned out depressing vocals that seem apathetic but just jaded. Definitely recalls the roots of classic blues music. 9. Powder (4:45) Loud and energetic track—more guitar jamming. 10. Take Me Down (2:48) Lighter and softer track with synthesizers that subdue the stark sound of background guitar music. 11. A Little Pain (3:48) The most catchy tune to play if you’re looking for something fun and “uplifting” to vibe to—sung with the attitude of an Iggy Pop apostle. Starts with a classic electronica drumbeat and moves into a super catchy guitar rift. Middle of song has a pretty good guitar solo that amps up the cadence for the rest of the tune.

Track Listing
1. Burning Soul   6. Fraulein
2. Empty Moon   7. Heart In Your Mouth
3. Overture   8. Sunrise
4. See Me Through   9. Powder
5. Shimmers   10. Take Me Down
  11. A Little Pain