Deacon, Dan / Bromst
Album: Bromst   Collection:General
Artist:Deacon, Dan   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Carpark Records  

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Album Reviews
Red West
Reviewed 2009-05-19
Synthpop, loosely structured, of varying quality.
Brendan Erickson
Reviewed 2009-04-08
Dan Deacon- Bromst

This man is amazing (probably due to his over consumption of acid). To start you off, get to the nearest computer and look up his interview with NBC on YouTube. It’s fantastic. This album generally follows his old album, “Spiderman of the Ring’s,” style but still ventures back in the past, to a less mainstream and likeable (by the general public) Dan. Oh and we need to get tickets, because from what I’ve seen and heard, his live performances are AMAZING! For fans of Soulwax, Alda & a weirder and more electronic version of Postprior. FCC clean! Play the whole darn thing! But if you really wanna be picky about it, go with: 1, 2, 5 (despite its lengthiness), 8 & 10

1.* Starts quiet, then builds and voices start. Then comes the weird noises and follows regular Deacon style. This almost has too long of a build up (half of the song) but that’s the only negative aspect of it.
2.* Begins with loud buzzing then turns into weirdo techno (not really) with some distorted vocals. That is followed by video game esque noises and then Buckethead on LSD, back to previous description. Robotic vocals. Awesome lunacy, then chills down.
3. Xylophone or something, then repetitive (like most stuff of his) “regular” vocals backed by Alvin and his chipmunks. Then some odd casio/guitar thing (I dunno) but it sounds great!
4. Dings and dongs! Dan wants to know if you’ll be his neighbor. Develops into catchy poppy song. Takes a turn more towards the direction of a song Deacon based (glitch and repetitive)… too long. Ding dong outro.
5.* Christmas time with some xylophone and Dan the Man! Picks up with some lasers and stuff, goodness me! Some chanting later on, but rather long.
6. Starts out nice, with what sounds like chant/singing, but I don’t think it is… Then feed back, yay! And some more trippiness. Picks up after that and gets better; throw in some random sax, xylophone and computer generated stuff and you’ve surprised Stefani!
7. Ouch, bad vocals poorly harmonized. I think the intent of this song is to annoy, enjoy! Fading in and out and mixed and glitched at points. However, by the end it actually almost sounds good… maybe that’s just me.
8.* Opens with awesome bassiness, and some repetitive annoying beat and then distorted high pitched vocals. Robotic voices and then cuts off into some xylophone and back to previous description.
9. Begins with slow beat and jumps into computers and horns. Slows back down and now piano. Picks back up with random stuff, typical. Ends with crazy piano.
10.* Slow glitchy goodies then fast xylophone and chipmunk vocals and then it just gets crazy! =D Xylophone solo of course.
11. Starts off annoying and technoy with a heavy beat behind it and with that infamous x instrument. Very repetitive and slightly distorted vocals same beat over and over makes up get older! And that’s what the song did, it got old.
Brendan e.

Track Listing
1. Build Voice   6. Surprise Stefani
2. Red F   7. Wet Wings
3. Paddling Ghost   8. Woof Woof
4. Snookered   9. Slow With Horns/Run For Your Life
5. Of The Mountains   10. Baltihorse
  11. Get Older