Claypool, Les / Of Fungi And Foe
Album: Of Fungi And Foe   Collection:General
Artist:Claypool, Les   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Prawn Song Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2009-04-06
Les Claypool – Of Fungi and Foe
Reviewed by Sadie O., 4/3/09
Rubber bass, cool funky beats, goofy vocals, deep creepiness. The soundtracks for a couple of completely off-kilter movies, with demented and highly amusing lyrics and a panoply of interesting instruments. This is GREAT. Don’t take my word for it – I’m too gobsmacked to talk.
FCCs – singular - on 6 and 9.
I love 1 and 7 most and I’m having both their babies at once.
1. 3:14 *****beyond fantastic! Groovy blatty beat, muttered rhymes (reminds me a LOT of the Residents), marimba and odd poots… it all adds up to the most insanely bitchenass sound I’ve heard in ages.
2. 4:27 ****rubbery bass and swingy beat – just sweet as mess! A little menacing, but in the nicest kinda way.
3. 3:05 ***lopassed but slinky crawl, low, creepy vocals, plucked strings, great lyrics. (“bowmbitty bowm bowm”)
4. 4:57 ****long subdued chord intro, electronic queeps, then the rubberiest bass yet, although all of Claypool’s bass is pretty loose…) Very alarming stuff. Hey – it’s about me! Yay! Actually, I strongly suspect that I should be scared out of my mind… Ends with big drums and squeebles, as a song about me should.
5. 5:50 ***swingy downtempo percussion, vibes and completely grotty bass and strings. Very jaunty, in its own disturbed way. Includes an admirable slide whistly solo.
6. 3:55 FCC: “shit” (once) ***another cool and lopassed percussion with grunty bass, and what passes for Les Claypool’s “normal” vocal style. Quite a cast of odd instruments with not necessarily complementary personalities.
7. 4:34 *****flamenco on crack. Crazy! I can’t do this justice – just listen to it! Pure freaking genius. Oh! Guest vocals by the guy from Gogol Bordello – this explains that much, at least.
8. 4:12 ***creepy low vocals, bitchen swingy loungy (if the lounge were full of ACTUAL lizards…)
9. 3:26 FCC: “shitty wine” ***something electronic in brief distress, then rubbery bass and bitchen funky groove, Residents-esque vocals. Somehow “ethnic” sounding, although I can’t put my finger on the exact ethnicity.
10. 4:08 ***process vocals and bass blatts, BIG drum beat. Note: this is PRECISELY the opposite of what the title claims. I guess it’s kinda cute, actually. No it’s not. MOMMY! I’m scared.
11. 1:52 **random deep and grumbling percussion for half a minute, then a big beat and thrums. Not sure how this will sound on the guy’s car radio who’s heading for Silicon Valley… repeated chant of song title. Frogs.
12. 5:58 ***limping, loping blatts, goofy Claypool vocals, vibes and grunts. Violin solo goes back and forth through your head. I ain’t even drinking, and I can’t stand up! Disturbing story, actually…

Track Listing
1. Mushroom Men   7. Bite Out Of Life
2. Amanitas   8. Kazoo
3. Red State Girl   9. Primed By 29
4. Booneville Stomp   10. Pretty Little Song
5. What Would Sir George Martin Do   11. Of Fungi And Foe
6. You Can't Tell Errol Anything   12. Ol' Rosco