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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2010-03-19
Sprawling lo-fi indie pop/rock. Velveeta Heartbreak is Michael James Bowman and this is a retrospective collection of CD-Rs and cassettes from his entire career. Funny story; he originally went by MJB until he found out Mary J Blige had assumed that title, after he started with it.

Too often lo-fi production is used to mask songwriting insecurities and lack of ideas, but here the spirit and embrace of lo-fi is pure and authentic (and necessary). Reminds me of early Sparklehorse; maybe a grit/shit-fi Yo La Tengo. Lots of well written, interesting rock and roll numbers, but also plenty of weird instrumentals and experiments. The man can write a pop tune, but he only teases us with glimpses or drowns it in tape hiss. Basically, a compelling listen now matter how you think about it. Check out the homemade art, as well.

Disc 1: (had lots of skipping problems in my car CD player, as well as on my computer)

1. Instrumental. Short, moderately atmospheric, reverbed guitar wanderings. (0:35)
*2. Psychedelic swirl around samples, thick bass, commanding drums, screeching guitars. (3:03)
3. Drum machine, soft, mellow, acoustic pop about a little green man; shifts gears with 45 seconds left to a drum freak out and weird reverser melody. (3:24)
*4. Lengthy, repetitive jam with insistence. Some nice dissonance, drum oddities, sampling, organ riffing, and a borderline ambient passage build off the frame of drum-acoustic-pop.(9:00)
5. Efficient little lo-fi pop thing; not so different than the rest of this, but not any worse. (2:35)
6. Instrumental. Quick little expand on a riff; nice. (0:47)
*7. Murky jam, with thick, buzzy guitars; weird guy comes in with loud laughing and then song shifts to a noisier electro-guitar, scifi kraut-groove; breaks down again to a more mellow, sunny day psych hum. (6:19)
8. Upbeat; almost Magnetic Fields-y in the kitchy-ness of the melody. Nice backing vocals and chunky guitars. (2:28)
9. Slower, more melancholy, floating little guitar licks over soft keys and gentle vocals; modest little guitar solo. (4:28)
10. Instrumental. Spacious guitar passage; great. (1:01)
11. Fuzzed out lead guitars, another pop tune that gets a bit psychy with the distortion and organs; more interesting as it goes along. (3:47)
12. FCCs (2 “fucks). Straight up warm pop – strut down the street, happy shit; then the lyrics are completely contrasting. (3:13)
The rest of the tracks have major skip sounds/issues: --13. A great pop song; catchy vocal lines, droning reverser guitars, shakers. (3:22) --14. Instrumental. Flute-like lead synth-type thing.(2:10) --15. Another pop song like many of the rest of these; outro is lovely and memorable, though.(2:36) --16. Instrumental. Synth pads behind driving bass, glistening, dreamy guitar picking. (1:43) --17. skips too much. ☹ --18. skips too much. ☹ --19. skips too much. ☹ --20. skips too much. ☹

Disc 2:

1. Upbeat Little Richard piano banging, distorted chords, chipper, handclaps, fun rock n’ roll. (2:04)
2. Midtempo, light acoustic strumming, steady drums, pretty chord progression during chorus and nice guitar solo during outro; another one of the more piano-oriented tracks on here. (3:52)
**3. My favorite of the collection; a melancholy progression strummed with twangy pedal steel-esque overdubs. Gorgeous. (4:28)
4. Instrumental. Fast drumming, high bass line, rhythmic distorted guitar crunch, odd brief key change in the middle. (2:35)
5. Instrumental. Slow, watery, relaxing guitar with ringing, field tones, ominous keys come in with a brief British-sounding sample and tape hiss, a little unnerving, but still mellow. (2:00)
6. FCC (one “shit”). Big drum machine, nice, modest pop song. Enough variation on an initial gorgeous progression; great backing vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, odd keyboard tone, nice acoustic guitar solo. (5:24)
*7. Instrumental. Atmospheric, slow melodic guitar strumming with reversed electric guitar, pretty soundbed material. (1:51)
8. Hesitant piano, odd samples, electro-tinged guitar noise; brief, strange, great. (1:25)
*9. Another great melodic pop song that is just difficult to not like; smooth bass line and sweet, romantic lyrics, along with great backing vocals and an appealing acoustic guitar part. (2:53)
10. Slow, a little bitter, rhythmic, ends up sounding a lot like a lo-fi Elliott Smith. (3:55)
11. Instrumental. Nasty, dingy, kind of psychedelic guitar, heavier space jam. (2:49)
12. Instrumental, Tambourine, nice little bob to this groove with organ chords, and slow guitar playing. (2:02)
13. Could have been a rock and roll hit in an alternate universe; shouty, repetitive vocals, handclaps, and very distorted guitar playing a warm little ditty. (1:31)
14. Instrumental. More of a 60s psych haze to this one, fuzz guitar, piano jingling, warm and melodic. (2:39)
15. Weird effects on opening, looping sample, while twinkling guitars, buzzing bass, and drums, emerge and gradually fade. Novel. (2:46)
16. FCC (one “fuck”). Relatively nice song otherwise. (3:37)
17. Guitar strum anchors track along a bobby, old-school Nintendo, keyboard part; shifts into a more normal pop song with higher vocals, fuzzy guitar solo, fades out. (3:16)
*18. Standout pop tune with catchy hooks and guitar lines, some sweet lyrics and a melodic vocal part. (3:31)
*19. Warm, romantic, wistful, authentic, lovely; almost Beach Boys-esque in outro. (3:12)
20. Instrumental. Darker, crunchy distorted guitar-focused, a little boring. (2:56)
21. A turn on “Across the Universe” develops into as ‘epic’ a track the man can make; minor chords, solemn piano. (4:44)

Track Listing
1. Losing The War With Myself   21. I Shot The Invisible Man
2. Spiro   22. Float Away
3. Little Green Man   23. The Rocktober Of Unlimited Youthquakes
4. Keep My Sleeper   24. Special For Machines
5. The Missing Piece To Our Emotional Jigsaw Puzzle   25. The Mars Vaccine
6. Post Cold War Expat Chic   26. Ten Thousand Things
7. Another Winner   27. September
8. The Volcano Song   28. He's Drowning
9. Candy Tongue   29. Rain On Your Parade
10. Untitled   30. Give It Up
11. Thee Exceptional Childe   31. Fucker Will
12. Joe   32. The Life Of A Ghost
13. (You Got Me) Feeling Heavy   33. It's Just Too Bad That It's Only Money
14. Instantaneous Legendary   34. The Elvis Deli Superette
15. Once It Was Fun, But The Summer's Over My Head   35. Tuesday Afternoon
16. Killing Williamsburgh   36. Lo-Fi Superhighway
17. Blue Balloons   37. Hometaper Blues
18. Star Ufo   38. The Most Exciting Day Of Your Life
19. Feeling Like A Stone   39. Sill In Love With You
20. Expert@Amateur.Com   40. Forbidden Fruit
  41. Velveeta Heartbreak Today