Dubblestandart, Lee "Scratch Perry And Ari Up / Return From Planet Dub
Album: Return From Planet Dub   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Dubblestandart, Lee "Scratch Perry And Ari Up   Added:May 2009
Label:Collision Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2009-05-22
Dubblestandart – Return from the Planet Dub
Reviewed by Sadie O., 5/21/09
Two long CDs full of dub and dubstep from the group that started the Austrian dub scene back in 1988 (!), featuring Scratch and Ari Up (Slits) and a few others. Thick, chewy European-style dubs, dubstep and grime, really moving modern dub forward a notch. Unfortunately, Scratch is suffering from severe hoof & potty mouth disease, so several tracks aren’t suitable for prime time. Also unfortunately, only three tracks feature Ari Up, and those only scattered vocals. Fortunately, there’s almost two and a half hours of music here, and it’s excellent.
FCCs on CD 1 tracks 3-5 and CD 2 tracks 6, 7 and 11. It’s all great – follow the stars and mind the FCCs!
1. 5:26 ****slow dub skank with bits of remake of an old dub classic, Scratch’s ravings and some pretty singing.
2. 5:20 **downtempo and rather somber syncopated skank, Scratch taking an idea from The Harder They Come.
3. 6:09 FCC: “shit” (several) ***downtempo dub with bass and melodica, asking Mr. and Mrs. Witch to respect the poor (and Scratch’s shit).
4. 6:37 FCC: “fuck” (etc, constantly) great slow electronic riddim, but completely obscene lyrics – thanks, Scratch!
5. 5:09 (may be an FCC – “fuck” x1) *****upbeat midtempo skank with vaguely “Chinese” bits of music, happy chorus and completely incomprehensible rant.
6. 6:01 ****midtempo chugging slinky riddim, giving ecumenical thanks and praise to the usual deities and then some.
7. 6:53 ****downtempo, very swingy skank with odd electronics. Many novel theological observations. The great thing is, this makes complete and self-evident sense to a Jamaican Rastafarian.
8. 5:54 ***bit of processed child’s laughter, then very slow skank with squeebles, mellow vibe. Chimes and groovy things, and vocals processed completely.
9. 5:21 ****interwoven female vocals, then some gnarly mitempo skank ‘n’ grime.
10. 5:50 ***bit of processed speaking, then thick downtempo electronic dubstep with small smatterings of Ari Up.
11. 5:19 *****a few seconds of blank noise, then downtempo electronic dub skank, a few almost shouted vocals, bits of “heavy metal” guitar. Bit of a call to prayer. Interesting sound!
12. 4:54 **bits of announcers talking about Burma… gradually a swingy, slightly downtempo syncopated skank comes together, quite nice actually. Some Asian strings and gongs.
1. 6:35 ****downtempo, laid-back dub skank. Electronic, yet very rootsy. Snippets of wisdom from David Lynch.
2. 6:02 ***bass-driven, slightly downtempo skank with bits of staticky oddness and odd moments of Scratch.
3. 5:28 ***downtempo swingy skank, some nyahbinghi, lots of Scratch. Even dubbier dub of track 1 on CD 1, which was dubby to begin with.
4. 6:26 ***downtempo bass-driven skank with indecipherable bits of Scratch. Goes silent at one point and comes back dubbed up.
5. 6:04 ***whooshy midtempo syncopated skank – dub of track 5 of CD 1. Great trance-y dub, very few vocals.
6. 6:22 FCC: “fucking” **downtempo blatty skank – another fine dub (of track 4 on CD 1), but starts right off with FCC…
7. 5:10 FCC: “fucklin’” ****happy midtempo skank with distorted bits of Chinese strings and Scratch – and they just to make sure one FCC was included… *sigh*
8. 5:54 *****electronic whoosh, bit of Scratch making no sense, then great dub remix of track 1, CD 1. Slow skank with lots of blats and woobles.
9. 6:50 *****pretty, trance-y, syncopated drumming and flocks of angels singing. Hooray! Totally switched up remix of track 8, CD 1.
10. 4:37 ***very slow electronic substep with bits of Prince Far-I
11. 4:30 FCC: “shit” x several **remix of dub of track 5 of CD 1 – slow electronic dubstep.
12. 5:40 *****electronic skank ‘n’ dubstep with a fine message for all of today’s schoolchildren. Woobly as heck.
13. 5:50 ****disco dubstep! Get out on the floor and shake yo bootay, uh uh uh! TOTALLY oily. I’m gonna need a shower now…

Track Listing
1. Chase The Devil   13. Chrome Optimism - Oxygen Pt 4 Dub
2. Let 'em Take It   14. Let 'em Take It Dub
3. Blackboard Jungle   15. Chase The Devil Dub
4. Fungus Rock   16. Defending Rights & Justice/Island Girl Dub
5. I Foo China   17. Blackboard Jungle Dub
6. Give Thanks And Praises (Megaton 3)   18. Fungus Dub
7. Deadly Funny - Oxygen Pt. 4   19. I Foo China Dub
8. I Do Voodoo   20. Chase The Devil (G-Corp Remix)
9. Surrender Dub   21. I Do Voodoo (Rob Smith Remix)
10. Idiot's Dub   22. Wadada - Means Love
11. Kingston Dancehall Dub   23. Blackboard Jungle Dub
12. Evil Burma Dub   24. We All Have To Get High
  25. Lovemachine