Angel Hair / Angel Hair
Album: Angel Hair   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Angel Hair   Added:May 2009
Label:Gravity Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 17, 2018: Everything A to Z Week 148
Second Cousin, T-Minus 60 Years
4. Jun 06, 2010: The DJ Never Has It
Crash Course, New Rocket
2. Feb 05, 2012: Separation
T-Minus 60 Years
5. May 20, 2010: orangeasm
T-Minus 60 Years
3. Dec 29, 2010: Brownian Motion
New Rocket
6. Oct 18, 2009: Gumdrop Freight Train
Crash Course, New Rocket

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-05-31
Chaotic mid-90’s emo (1994 to be exact) with stops/starts screamed out vocals and odd-metered guitars. This was part & parcel to Heartattack zine & old “Foam Core” show on KZSU in the late 90’s.

((((1)))) Crazed, spastic vocals with lots of wild stops & starts. At times almost TOO spastic but generally OK. Very abrupt ending.
(((2))) Disjointed tempo and weird-ass vocals that could only be mid-90’s underground emo. On the straight forward parts they sound like a lo-fi Fugazi but the most of it’s more caustic.

(((1))) Mid-paced guitars with that push-pull effect and extremely emotive vocals. Judding bass and a few screamy parts.
(((2))) Strummy but still very chaotic and screamy. Pretty short.

Track Listing
1. New Rocket   3. T-Minus 60 Years
2. Crash Course   4. Second Cousin