Port-Royal / Dying In Time
Album: Dying In Time   Collection:General
Artist:Port-Royal   Added:Sep 2009

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Album Review
Barbra Anne
Reviewed 2010-01-25
dying in time

Wafty Italian space disco / drone pop with a few post rock moments. Potentially the product of an imaginary weekend where MBV and Massive Attack got together with Enya and DJ Tiesto and made a record for gay european stoners. Feels a little VH1 to me, but I’ll give it a pass because they manage to find some uniquely warm sounds that still make sense inside the few potentially cheesy house beats. 9,10 & 11 make for a beautiful suite.
Try: 1, 8, 11

1. (8:28) angelic blissies surround and warm you while the feminine coos rock you to sleep. Drums come in and out and in and out and switch and shutter their way into happiness.
2. (7:02) shimmering pillow-sufficated house thump that blooms up into heaven.
3. (3:58) long ambient intro that gets kicked over and pickpocketed by a thundering bully drumline. Quiet ambient outro.
4. (9:37) slow, explorative post-rockish excursion. Buyoued by a buff low end.
5. (4:41) heavy, heavy, heavy hum/piano gives way to some lighter, friendlier space disco.
6. (8:34) about 4 minutes of a steamy ambient sunrise suddenly toppled by an incoming house beat.
7. (5:04) quiet intro. Emotive space disco.
8. (8:49) port royal simultaneously reach their space-disco-y-est and drone-pop-y-est. With about 3 minutes to go things quiet down before they blow up into something a bit more difficult, then they quiet down again.
9. (5:21) slower catch-your-breath affair. Towards the end finds a really beautiful tone. Bleeds into track 10…
10. (5:24) a few notes start to find their way into the mix. Distortion builds, disco beat comes in.
11. (6:06) soft post-rockish guitar takes the foreground as an orchestra of synths takes us into flight.

Track Listing
1. Hva (Failed Revolutions)   6. Susy: Blue East Fading
2. Nights In Kiev   7. The Photoshopped Prince
3. Anna Ustinova   8. Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope)
4. Exhausted Muse/Europe   9. Hermitage Pt. 1
5. I Used To Be Sad   10. Hermitage Pt. 2
  11. Hermitage Pt. 3