Embrace Of Thorns / Atonement Ritual
Album: Atonement Ritual   Collection:General
Artist:Embrace Of Thorns   Added:Sep 2009
Label:Nuclear War Now!  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-09-23
Fast, raging & bestial Greek Black/Death Metal trio with decent production. Strong influences from the war-like clangor of Blasphemy, Beherit and the Bay Area Black/Death cult band, Von. However, E.o.T. plays a little less murky and tends to go for the straight ahead bombast instead of the weird atmosphere that some either love (or hate) about these 3. Really Heavy, dense with blast beats and “demon from the pits” vocals. A few occasional dark ambient/occultic interludes. All along with a precise yet not overly technical ability that is instead reliable on spirit and dedication not fancy tricks. Very recommended.

((((1)))) Satanic ambient hypnotoad leads off the ritual.
((((((2)))))) Raging thrashing (but NOT thrash) of souls with battering drums and sickening vocals, crazy changes without being obvious.
((((3)))) Downward abyssic Black/Death Metal with very calculated, strong & commanding vocals.
((((4)))) More ritual madness interlude with backward message and weird, creepy atmosphere.
((((5)))) Fast but steady Black/Death that only gets more wicked and annihilating. Invokes the hellspawn vocals of Von quite a few times. Maintains a good amount of variation & quality.
(((((6)))) Crushing main riff the moves from slow to , Claustrophobic with blood dripping ghoul vocals
(((((((7))))))) Nasty vocals straight from the pits of hell, bulldozing necro riffs. Sounds like Beherit mixed with early Morbid Angel & even “De Mysteriis”-era Mayhem.
(((((8))))) Ritual interlude with strange echoing noises & rumbles along with distant voices. Also pretty creepy toi hear after midnight.
(((((((9))))))) Bombastic as fuck! Repetitive but amazing riff that constantly burrows through your ears.
(((((((10))))))) TRUE brutal Death Metal with zero b.s.
(((((11))))) Strangely simple and complex Black/Death at the same time. Rad dual vocal work from Amputator and Devilpig.
((((((12)))))) What Deathly Doom this is! Trudging through portals of blackness while maintaining a traditional Heavy Metal soul (just listen to this solo, ‘tis a thing of diabolic beauty).
(((((13)))) Out going ritual with hooded goat gods & the blind dead templars. The false have been slayed, as have your ears.

Track Listing
1. His Bloodstained Claws Of Victory   7. Death Yells In Triumph
2. Atonement Ritual   8. Litanites Of Inversion (Intro)
3. Tombs Of The Desecrated Zealots   9. Ceremonial Rites Of Fornication
4. Impure Orgasm (Intro)   10. Hymn To Triumph
5. Nemesis Of Impurity   11. Perdition Hammer
6. Venom In Veins   12. Persished In Mortal Agony
  13. Altars Of Malefic Triumph