Nuit Noire / Infantile Esprieglery
Album: Infantile Esprieglery   Collection:General
Artist:Nuit Noire   Added:Oct 2009

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1. Nov 04, 2009: Bloodstains Across Brownpainted Yuppiedomes
Enfant Spectre
2. Oct 21, 2009: public noize racket
Are You Ready For The Night?, Creatures Of The Night

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-10-09
Wild and crazy, self-described “Blasting Blackened Faerical Punk” which mixes the cyclical riffing and buzz of black metal with bare-bones lo-fi punk along with hints of 80’s death rock.

In other words, much more Rudimentary Peni & Christian Death than Burzum or Mayhem. The duo of Tenebras (“magical strings, spectral voices, and natural drums”) and Emile (“chimerical voices”) are responsible for this very original and awesome album.

(((((((1))))))) Fast, wild & woodsy Blackend Metal-Punk with dual vocals.
((((((2)))))) Warm fuzz tone, 1-2 drumming and a few pieces for the punkier side of Bauhaus & Christian Death.
(((((((3)))))) Fast and basic, dark punk with a touch of BM riffing.
(((((4))))) Blasting French punky death rock? Oui!
(((((((5)))))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Dual vocals, minimal death punk vibe. Very steady & rockin’.
(((((6))))) Hardcore mixed with raw & sloppy but awesome Black Metal? Yes.
((((((7)))))) Weird metered riffs with some very punk/HC breaks. Swear some of the drumming’s straight from a Ramones record.
(((((8)))) French vocal-led punk with piece of rudimentary BM riffs. Some nice chords changes but nothing too dramatic.
(((((9))))) Blasting Rock du Mord avec Black Metal, non?
(((((10))))) Rockin’ Rudimentary Peni-soundin’ French metal-punk fuzz with tormented child vocal breaks.
(((((11))))) (FCC “fuck” sung 4 times in chorus) Slow to blasting death punk.
((((((12)))))) Fast, cascading dual “nocturnal blast-punk” Rad!
(((((13))))) Warm mid-paced buzzy with lyrics hailing the faeries of the night. Great guitar tone.
((((14))))) (FCC “Fuck” sung twice) Fast, stormy into twisted death punk.

Track Listing
1. Creatures Of The Night   8. Les Êtres De Lumière
2. Are You Ready For The Night?   9. Dans Le Noir
3. Turn On Your Light   10. Rêve De Nuit
4. Alone?   11. Fairies Fuck Humans
5. Scrapheap!   12. Never Be Like You
6. Join Me In The Night   13. Osmose
7. Enfant Spectre   14. Immature Attitude