Gears, The / Rockin' At Ground Zero (Re-Issue)
Album: Rockin' At Ground Zero (Re-Issue)   Collection:General
Artist:Gears, The   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Hep Cat  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-10-28
Melodic rockin’ 1st wave Hollywood punk from 1979-80. Really solid, often fast & sharp tunes with a few small hints of rockabilly as some have called it, “punk surfabilly”. Features members of the D.I.s (not the OC-based hardcore band D.I.) also released by this label. & possibly the best known member Tito Larriva from Tito & Tarantula (aka: the band in the movie From Dusk ‘Til Dawn). The punk-pun named vocalist, Axxel G. Reese sounds a bit like a cleaner version of Eric Davidson of New Bomb Turks.

((((1)))) Simple riff copped from both the Dictators and Ramones. Classic 70’s punk with some power-pop tendencies.
((((2)))) Very early surf-punk maybe even from before The Modernettes “Hawaii” and Agent Orange.
((((((3)))))) GREAT punk ripper with wailing guitars.
(((4))) Early rock n’ roll swaggery that starts good but falls flat. Interesting lyrics about the LAPD beating up on punks.
((((((((5)))))) To the point, infectious punk that runs the gamut from Negative Trend to New Bomb Turks.
(((6)))) Whistle-based X-styled LA punky rocker. Not bad.
((7)) Way too “Fonzi”-ish 50’s rock ballad.
((((8)))) Basic punk riff and nice bass sound, not far from a slower Ramones or even Descendents tune.
(((9))) Basic, call/response chorus, “high school school totally sucks, ‘cept the girls” lyrics.
(((((10))))) Cynical pop punk. Super catchy & fun!
(((((11))))) Fast 70’s style punk and to the point.
(((12))) Swingin’ rockabilly-ish punk with funny lyrics about nuclear annhilation. Not too different from the Weird Al tune with the same name, lyrically.
(((((13))))) Title sez everything ‘bout the lyrics. Fast & direct punk.
(((14))) (FCC “bullshit”) More doodle-y rockabilly-ish punk, not too bad.
((((15)))) Pretty nice, moving from fast to mid-tempo, bare-bones 70’s punk & power-pop.
((((16)))) Surf-punk (not The Surf Punks) with a slightly rawer production.
((((17)))) Raw punk with very clear & catchy vocals.
((((18)))) Simple, rawer version of #3.
(((((19))))) Lo-fi, 70’s punk with an awesome build up to the chorus. Easy to relate to lyrics.
((((((20)))))) Fast & rippin’ version of #9.
((21)) Not very different from #7
(((((22)))) Slightly different version of #11
(((23))) Even more Rockabilly version of #12

Track Listing
1. Baby Runaround   12. Rockin' At Ground Zero
2. Let's Go To The Beach   13. I Smoke Dope
3. Don't Be Afraid To Pogo   14. Keep Movin'
4. Elks Lodge Blues   15. Last Chance
5. Teenage Brain   16. Let's Go To The Beach (Original 45 Version)
6. Wasting Time   17. Hard Rock (Original 45 Version)
7. Darlin' Baby   18. Don't Be Afraid To Pogo (45 Version)
8. Trudie Trudie   19. Girl Crazy (Demo)
9. High School Girls   20. High School Girls (Demo)
10. The Last Chord   21. Darlin' Baby (Demo)
11. Heartbeat Baby   22. Heartbeat Baby (Demo)
  23. Rockin' At Ground Zero (Demo)