Biafra, Jello And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine / Audacity Of Hype, The

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1. Nov 21, 2009: On The Warpath
Electronic Plantation
4. Nov 11, 2009: Brownian Motion
The Terror Of Tinytown
2. Nov 14, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Strength Thru Shopping
5. Nov 11, 2009: Total Pops Madness (sub)
New Feudalism
3. Nov 12, 2009: A2Z
New Feudalism

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-11-23
Yep, Jello’s got himself a new band that rocks like mad. 9 tracks of hard rockin’ punk with Jello usual crazy vocals and sarcastic and funny lyrics. Despite everything controversial or negative some people see in him, you will find that he continues to make some great music and puts together a fantastic band – include Billy Gould (Faith No More, Brujeria) on bass. Ironically, Shepard Fairey who did Obama’s “Hope” posters also did this cover.

((((1)))) Psych-wah pedal with hard hittin’ punk. Some funny lyrics about G.W. “9-11 was no conspiracy/more like Spinal Tap for me”.
((((2)))) (FCC “Fuck” sung once) Jello playing the part of some sleazy Southern politican and speedy punk riffage and some trippy guitar work & catchy verses.
((((((3)))))) Charging punk rawk with Jello’s classic warbly vocals and oddly enough DK’s style guitar and nice bass lines.
((((4))) Stompin’ MC5-style rocker (not far from the “Kick Out The Jams” riff) . Rather good.
((((5)))) Bassy, murky intro, uppity tempo, good punk riffs with plenty of flanger. Funny vocal cadence & good build up from Jello.
(((6))) Slow moody build into fast DK’s punk. Kinda naff lyrics but otherwise good.
(((((((7)))))) Fast punk with flurries Arabic scales, spot on playing and vocals all around. Good lyrics about overconsumption.
((((8)))) Mid-paced, off-kilter rocker not unlike the Cows or Jesus Lizard.
((((9)))) Military-style drum and loose bass, slow build up hard rock with a posi-message. Takes a few spins to latch on to but it’s mostly good.

Track Listing
1. The Terror Of Tinytown   5. Electronic Plantation
2. Clean As A Thistle   6. Three Strikes
3. New Feudalism   7. Strength Thru Shopping
4. Panic Land   8. Pets Eat Their Master
  9. I Won't Give Up