Via Sinistrae / Lehadbik
Album: Lehadbik   Collection:General
Artist:Via Sinistrae   Added:Nov 2009
Label:Black Note Music  

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The Mermail Of Elsinore
4. Mar 05, 2010: The Courtesy Flush
The Mermail Of Elsinore
2. Mar 25, 2010: orangeasm
Courageous Mutation 4
5. Feb 24, 2010: behold... the tetrahedron of infinite gloom
The Flight Of The Eagle
3. Mar 12, 2010: The Decency Flush
Ritual By The Waves

Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2010-02-03
Ambient meets trip-hop meets drone. Carnal, late night, rhythmic music to make babies to. Restrained, meticulous, atmospheric, chill-out stuff; definitely sounds like it was inorganically recorded – probably conceived in ProTools. This one is gapless so you may want to fade out or put the CD cart on continuous. No FCCs. Cue it up, no recommendations.

1. Eerie descending guitar atmospherics with some cool indecipherable percussion. (3:09)
2. Eastern drone pipes and obscured hooks come in behind electric percussion. Some shimmering 80s synth comes, though it is not as obnoxious as it may sound. (4:34)
3. Twinkling bells, big new rhythm comes in, layered, upper-register female vocal howling. (3:50)
4. Eagle calls with light, cyclic, whooshing drone underneath. For fans of bird calls. (2:21)
5. Sequenced, tremelo’d and phasered synths, big reverb on digital rimshots; sounds like clanking coins, another spaced out fuck-groove. (3:18)
6. Brief noise drone. Soundbed. (0:42)
7. Stumbling, off-rhythm. (1:05)
8. Deep bass and lead synth stuff, start-stop rhythm, some bird noises in here, too. (3:17)
9. Distant space arpeggiating and a more menacing lead drone refrain comes in, big tribal, moan-inducing groove, animalistic. (3:15)
10. Ringing siren tones, celestial zooming, martian spaceship lands and this time there’s no John Williams score. (1:30)
11. Distorted layers slowly fade, while a cut-up rhythm comes to the forefront, while people explicitly groan in pleasure. (4:55)
12. Glitchy, noisy music box manipulation. Not a ‘song’ by any stretch. (2:45)
13. Ringing drone, paddling percussion, picks up. (1:44)
14. More menacing tone with lots of sound effects and percussion that sounds like filtered heavy breathing; fire truck sirens come in at the end. (2:18)
15. Driving rhythm with fire truck sirens, clicking and snapping percussion, blaring outbursts of organs and noisy, bubbly atmospherics. (3:11)
16. Pitch-shifting string plucking fades into tense ambiance. (3:04)
17. More gurgling percussion with sustained whooshing in the background behind a slightly dizzying interplay of sequenced synths. (4:29)
18. Gibberish vocals drawn out with light industrial pulse and soft tones and melodic ambience. (4:19)

Track Listing
1. Yog-Sothoth   10. As I Open The Door
2. The Mermail Of Elsinore   11. To Pan
3. Panic Dub   12. Music Box
4. The Flight Of The Eagle   13. Courageous Mutation 3
5. For The Gods Are Here (Carriego)   14. Crown Of Stars
6. Courageous Mutation 4   15. Hidden Veins
7. I Felt A Little Odd   16. The Story Of Don Florentino
8. Just A Moment   17. A Vast Stretch
9. Ritual By The Waves   18. Once We Were Gods