My Milky Way Arms / Lightsaber Circuit Breaker
Album: Lightsaber Circuit Breaker   Collection:General
Artist:My Milky Way Arms   Added:Dec 2009
Label:Milky Syndication  

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Corellian Bloodstripes
5. May 23, 2010: Uncross My Arms, or, The Unbirthday Tape
Corellian Bloodstripes
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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-05-20
Lush, space-age electronic dream pop. Ear-bleedingly high-pitched vocals. Blippy, overpowering, dense. Aggressively experimental sugar-coated cosmic vibe. Lots of laser and synth effects. I will not lie and say I did not wince listening to this record. That’s how tinny and metallic the sound is. Good if you’re on track to bliss out to bright colours, kids. Get this boy a bunny suit.

My Milky Way Arms is Chase Hill (he calls himself “Space Kill”, ho ho) from Austin, Texas. The “Keep Austin Weird” bumper stickers were made for this clown. My picks are the more stripped-down cohesive tracks (ie, not truly representative of the album), but feel free to explore if you’re... into that sort of thing.

RIYL: Sigur Ros, the Flaming Lips, Of Montreal

try: 5, 6, 8, 10
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1. warbly electro-tinkling dream pop. few-and-far-between chord moves. airy, organy vocals about one minute in. drums & pickup in at minute three.
2. very of montreal. space effects, straight-ahead drums. cohesive. choose your own adventure on the track title: laugh, cry, frisbee CD?
3. a dense, dense, dense assault... at first. hard bass-and-cymbal chorus, light airy-pop verses with cute vocal “bop”s.
4. thick, heavy, somewhat time-signature-less washes. coherent lyrics, for a change. transitions to a big, high-pitched choral sound.
*5. slower, easy beat. tinkly vibes/keys. dense, pretty harmonies.
*6. drum machine + metallic toy keyboard intro over hi-bass. tight instrumental.
7. standard-issue of montreal. fast, busy synth/bass, odd washer effects. massively hypnotic/annoying vocal vamp about three minutes in.
*8. 3/4 circus beat. simple snare. gets a bit high-pitched / overwhelming at the end.
9. starts with sharp sparkle shell noise. like a rain stick filled with... glass? pushy, off-beat drum kit. high-pitched vocals.
*10. majestic, slow, synthy. sounds like a film score for a space opera. actually, vaguely reminiscent of the terminator theme. no joke.

Track Listing
1. Control Room Ecstasy   6. Corellian Bloodstripes
2. Fillenium Malcon   7. Helicopter
3. Marvin Zindler   8. Circusister
4. Colossus   9. Eleventeen
5. Honeymoon   10. Early Retirement