U.P.S. / 25th Anniversary Special Box Set
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Wake Up, Little Thing, It Is Written, Useless Intro
4.Mar 24, 2010:Brownian Motion
Three Headed Puppy
2.Mar 31, 2010:public noize racket
Three Headed Puppy
5.Mar 13, 2010:Bloodstains Across Atherton-F-Off Music Coming Soon
Three Headed Puppy
3.Mar 25, 2010:orangeasm
It Is Written
6.Mar 10, 2010:Brownian Motion
Fuck Shit Up

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-02-13 
84 tracks of crazy, damaged hardcore/punk from Tucson, AZ circa: 1983-84. Lots of odd tempos & lyrics about 3 headed puppies, junkies, and other shit (literally in some cases). Lots of variation but also in places gets bogged down in the “you had to be there” & too many damn similar, short songs. In the same fucked up place as Fang, Nig Heist, and on the slower tunes, Big Boys, and early Butthole Surfers.

(1) Useless intro-literally!
(((2)) Super short & odd tempo
(((3))) Weirdo fast HC with sludge parts ‘ala Fang.
(((4))) Wailing guitars, scattered fast tempo.
(((5))) Raw midpaced HC with backing vocals.
((((6)))) 70’s hard rock, sludgey HC ‘ala Fang.
(((7))) Great riff, dumb vocals, too short!
((8))) FCC – avoid!
((((9)))) Fast & ripping HC
(((10))) Woozy & drunk Butthole Surfers worship.
(((11))) FCCs – “2 times of FUCKED UP”
((((12)))) Confusing but interesting skitso HC.
(((14))) Sharp guitar, big bass.
(((15))) fast jammy psych punk? Yeah that.
(((16))) same thing as #15
(((17))) Sputtering cymbals & fast HC
((18)) Part 2 of 17? With a catchy chorus.
((19)) NOT completely edited for FCCs – sounds like the CD-s messed up – AVOID!
(((20))) Funny parody of DKs “Nazi Punks”
(((21))) Fast & dull HC with some other good guitars.
(((22))) Twangy, cow-punk into 80’s hardcore.
((((23)))) Midpaced HC & some good stop/starts
(((24))) Same tempo of #23, dumb lyrics.
((((25))) Raw as fukk HC, a funny dramatic part with th' Hinckley fam.
(((26))) Slow strummy, then super fast HC.
((((27)))) Noisy & really fast ‘ala early D.R.I.
(((28))) Epic but also short sounding intro then more sloppy & raw HC.
((29)) Raw, choppy mess.
(((30)))) Mid tempo, weird & sludgey HC
((((31)))) Messy but good Fang/Germs thingy.
(((32))) More sludge like #31, more drumming.
(((33))) Rough & raw HC, extremely bare bones.
(((34)) Sludgy raw HC, paper drums?
(((35))) Fast & drunk like the Germs cut in 1/8
(((37))) More sloppy Germs worship. Not bad.
((38)) Fast with some OK stop-starts.
((39)) More of the same as #38.
((40)) Same as #40 (41) Same thing again.
((42)) Fast & scattered but with more character
((43)) Herky-jerky and too goofy.
(((44-53))) Raw & terribly recorded USHC.
(((54))) Slightly better quality, more bass.
(((55)))) Good & fast HC.
(((56))) Super-fast HC with pretty good HC
((57)) Messy skitso HC
(58) Lots o’ drummin & bass.
((59)) Country-punk in a blender
((60)) Fast HC, stop-start repeat.
((61)) Cymbal-laden noisy punk
(62) Beatles cover > Junkie Punks Pt. II
(63-65) All runs together.
((66)) Twangy punk then sloppy HC & crappy cymbal/drum sound
((Messy punk)) 67 + 68 & 69
(((70)))) Coulda been good single/hardcore “hit”.
(((71))) Hard Rock riffs then bam! Fast HC
(((72))) Surf-rock punk HC?
((74)) Disjointed druggy punk
(((75)) Decent riffs, annoying vocals.
(((76)))) Like Love's “7 & 7 Is” on speed.
((77)) Generic strummy hard punky rawk.
((78)) Raw but loud + live sludge HC
((79)) Tinny yet loud US HC blurr
((80))) Noodly, mid-paced to fast HC
((81)) Mixed paced sorta Flipper-like.
((82)) Tweaked punk damaged ‘ala early Butthole Surfers but way short.
(((83))) Raw, fading in/out tune.
((84)) Backwards drumming, warped conversation dementia. More Negativland or hell, very Brownian

Track Listing
1.Useless Intro 42.Bag O' Kittens
2.It Is Written 43.Steve Mcqueen's Not Dead
3.Little Thing 44.Huffin' White-Out
4.Wake Up 45.Get On With It
5.Users 46.Stupid Punk Medley
6.Three Headed Puppy 47.You're To Blame
7.Nanny Nanny 48.Nanny Nanny (Pt. 1, 2 & 3)
8.Tweekin' 49.Tweekin' (Pt 1, 2, &3)
9.Shit Piss Cum 50.Shit Piss Cum
10.Ugly As Me 51.Ugly As Me
11.To Nothing 52.To Nothing
12.Silver Platter 53.Silver Platter
13.Who Needs 54.Who Needs
14.Stupid Punk Intro 55.Under The Gun
15.Nagging Doubt 56.What If
16.Deep Inside 57.Serious Fag Army
17.O.K. To Dream 58.In Love
18.Why Even Try 59.Squat
19.Stupid Punk Anthem 60.Bag O' Kittens
20.Fuck Shit Up 61.In Hell
21.Junkie Punks 62.Safe Edge
22.Too Much Caffeine 63.Help Me
23.Peace Through Uselessness 64.Junkie Punks
24.Everyone's Friend 65.Too Much Caffeine
25.Puppycore 66.Peace Through Uselessness
26.Hinckley's Brain 67.Everyone's Friend
27.Obnoxious Teenage Drunk Olympics 68.Puppycore
28.Euthanasia 69.Dogpile
29.Robotman 70.Little Thing
30.Fuck Shit Up 71.Wake Up
31.Suddenly 72.Three Headed Puppy
32.Forgive & Forget 73.Cow Fuckers Of America
33.Eternal Doubt 74.Get Twisted
34.No Don't 75.I Wish I Was Dead
35.Trail & Error 76.Clubfoot
36.You're To Blame 77.Good To The Last Rot
37.Under The Gun 78.Run Away
38.What If 79.Stupid Punk Anthem
39.In Hell 80.I Wish I Was Dead
40.Help Me 81.Choke
41.Squat 82.?