Vakki Plakkula / Babirussa Capibara
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Artist:Vakki Plakkula   Added:Jan 2010

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2010-02-05
Vakki Plakkula – Babirussa Capibara
Reviewed by Sadie O., 2/5/10
Avant-prog jazz madness. Apparently formed in Bologna, which is possibly fitting. I can’t find much information online, and there’s no liner notes, so that’s about it, folks! It does, I think, answer the musical question “Are the Italians bums-up crazy?” (hint: “yes”) Makes Caparezza sound like top 40.
No FCCs detected – only one song in English. I like 2, 4, 9 best.
1. 3:14 ***sax blat, then midtempo funky groovy sashay with catchy chorus. Insanely fun. Completely gonzo sax solo.
2. 4:13 ****Yikes! BIG FAT BASS. Complex beat, blatty horn. Utterly evil vocals. GNARLY.
3. 2:54 ***seems to be riffing flugelhorn, uptempo limping groove and maybe the ghost of Jello Biafra. Grunts and squeebles midway through. When it suddenly comes back, there’s a bit of a nursery rhyme feel.
4. 4:04 ****bass sax, ponderous beat, death metal vocals. Y’alls are gonna love this. It’s MAD.
5. 1:31 ***well, it’s almost like lounge and a bit like the Bonzos. Mostly sax and smooth vocals and a ginchy beat.
6. 2:18 *Italian lounge vocals and completely manic sax and drums. The sax will annoy everyone (possibly not Bill or Edwin).
7. 5:53 ***sqeeps and twitters for several seconds, then very uptempo minimalist march of the insects and happy chant about Capibaras.
8. 4:39 *phone ringing, bit of conversation… mournful sax, cymbals, singing about being in space. Very avant.
9. 3:11 *****yell and squeeps, then super-funky groovy midtempo something, fun vocals. A bit Zappa-esque.
10. 0:59 *electronic thrums, monsters.
11. 4:22 **ha! Claps and goofiness in English, then disjointed beat and blats. Nothing like Ragga, but absolutely irregulary.
12. 1:59 ***slow funkyoid metallish something.
13. 6:49 **it’s the slow dance number! Texas Two-step on valium and ipecac, with Tony Bennett turning miserably in his grave. Oh! Then it goes kinda vaguely Caribbean Italian lounge… Actually only lasts 3:15 secs, then silence for 2 minutes, then the hidden track starts 1:30 from the end – a bit of track 5.

Track Listing
1. La Notte Pullula   7. Babirussa Capibara
2. Trattore   8. Nello Spazio
3. Errore Storico   9. Mondo Tondo
4. Semi   10. Renatha
5. Se Non Ci Fossi Tu   11. Irregulary Ragga
6. Dal Canto Mio   12. No Credo
  13. Incudine