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Artist:Tsigoti   Added:Jan 2010

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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2010-04-11
Kind of punky, blues-based, avant, weirdo cabaret indie rock in the vein of Gogol Bordello at times, but more experimental. Protest music, angry, no-wave influence, sax and accordion thrown in there. Not too dissimilar from some of the Slusaj material we receive. A little bit Paper Chase, a little bit Man Man. Not my favorite, but decent artistic merit here.

1. People talking drowned out. Washes of neo-klezmer-isms, repetitive bass and drums. (2:56)
2. Beat up piano chords, gruff, repetitive vocals, blues structure, nightmarish piano solo. (2:51)
3. 2/4 punk instrumental. Brief, fast, not very pretty. (1:02)
4. Piano/drum/bass syncopation, kind of droney, politically charged vocals. (1:55)
5. Abrasive, dirty guitar playing with ringing pianos, repetitive vocal line, doubled vocals, saxophone squalls and solo are a bit out of place. (2:17)
*6. Rhythmic groove, driving bass/piano, actually reminds me of Remain in Light-era Talking Heads, horror piano, sloppy drums with chanting vocals in the second half. (3:49)
7. FCC: shit. Kind of repetitive rhythm. If you do play it, cue it. (3:30)
*8. Atmospheric, creepy, slow, dissonant piano, skittery drums and uneasy guitar muted textures. (3:55)
9. Casio horns, atonal wandering, dissonance, structureless/improv instrumental along a loose rhythm. (2:18)
10. Accordion-leading intro, shifts a couple times to a more Dead Kennedys-lite punk thing, then back to an awkward gypsy jaunt. (2:46)
11. Martin Luther King quoting, bizarre thing, piano, upbeat. (2:32)
*12. Instrumental. Slow, a little bit classical, but off-tune and off-time. Drums and dissonant guitar chords. (3:14)
13. Horror punk groove, kind of fun and toe-tapping, again I hear Dead Kennedys-lite with a beat-up piano. (1:40)
14. Very directly anti-military, political, sarcastic, spoken word along simple, low guitar picking. (2:45)
15. Melodic ballad opening with warm near-tunefulness, drums never settle on a normal pattern, guitar stabbing and fast tremelo picking, another political song. (4:24)
16. Punk-middling, fast power chords and dark piano hammering and melodicism. (2:27)

Track Listing
1. With A Mirror And A Magnifying Glass   9. (Can) Don't Sleep Through This
2. Children Slaves Make Children's Toys   10. (We?) This Is The Days Of Your Life
3. They Make Them For They   11. I May Not Get There With You
4. Conformist Freedom, Reactionary Tourist   12. Dust To People To Ashes
5. This Is A Simplified Response...   13. Everybody Settle Down
6. The Sickofwar Traine   14. This Is How It Is
7. (Yes) The Border Crossed Us   15. Everything Is Easy
8. (We) Would You If You Could?   16. But The Sun Don't Wait