Various Artists / Hells Headbangers Compilation Volume 3
Album: Hells Headbangers Compilation Volume 3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2010
Label:Hells Headbangers  

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1. Apr 24, 2010: Bloodstains Across Atherton
4. Apr 07, 2010: public noize racket
A Song To Swing To
2. Apr 20, 2010: Four Score and Twenty Years Ago
Feast Of The Beast
5. Apr 01, 2010: foolsgasm
All Disfigured And Blue
3. Apr 17, 2010: Bloodstains Across Atherton-So Many Records, So Little Time
Wish Of Suffering
6. Mar 31, 2010: public noize racket
Wish Of Suffering, Smoke Of Death, Bomb In The Womb, Southern Cross Ripper, Iron Crosses, Coiled In Sin, Nailed, Embrace The Fire

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-02-28
Really good comp that you get via mailorder from this killer underground Metal label & distro. Features a bunch of KILLER Death/Black/Thrash bands from the last few years that span Australia, Spain, Brasil France & USA.

((((1)))) Fast & complex Death Metal of the old ways from Aussieland. Lots of awesome drum fills & riffing.
(((((((2))))))) Fuckin’ AWESOME blasting, raging pure & fast as fuck Death Metal. Continually builds & builds.
(((((3))))) Clangin’ rippin’ speedy Black/Thrash also from Australia. Super catchy build up & chorus.
(((((4))))) Blazing fast to mid-tempo Black/Thrash a bit sloppy & raw but that’s part of the charm.
((((((5))))))) Aussie ultra-bangers invoking the spirit of early Running Wild, Onslaught and of course Venom & Motorhead. Rightly rockin’ & raw.
(((((((6))))))))) Fuzz, feedback, d-beat overdose into absolute hell! These Spaniards are a Discharge+Hellhammer fix (that’s how they go their name) throw in some Bathory-like rasp and you’ll get this.
(((((((7))))))) Live & raw sound of thundering, nasty blackend motorhellhammered d-beat.
(((((((((((((8)))))))))) TOTAL EAR ANNHILATION PERFECTION! Super catchy D-beat Hellhammer mix with an “ALLLLLRIIIIGHT!” Don’t need nuthin’ else.
(((((9))))) Creepy demonic beast intro, then lo-fi fuzzy blasting of Black/Death Metal. Sort of typical but gets the job done.
(((((10))))) Sludgy/doomy Black/Death, nice drum/satanic chant break and oddly proggy bass sound.
((((11)))) Bassy as fuck, fast and mind-jarringly repetitive, filthy vocals carrying the blasphemous as blasphemous can be Black Metal sound & ideas.
((((12)))) Trippy drum sound, weird bass sound, sludge to blasting stop/starts and more “how many ways can we defile the corpse of Christ?” lyrics.
(((((13))))) Industrial pummel to fast mechanical and noisy Black Metal with more sickness from Paul Ledney (from Profanatica). Probably NOT FCC friendly with the “black….cum” refrains.
((((14)))) More mechanical noise leaden Black Metal.
(((15))) Tinny lo-fi, buzzing twin bass Black Metal from France via a few of the Deathspell Omega guys.
(((((16))))) Much tighter & easier to follow albeit still very lo-fi & raw Black Metal.
(((((((17)))))))) Monumental totally epic Bathory/Immortal-inspired Metal with firestorm guitars.
((((((((18)))))))) Menacing Death Rock & Punk crossed with Dark as fuck Thrash Metal. Christian Death meets Venom both at their utmost e-vil & awesome.
((((((((19))))))) Fantastic snarling Metal with tons of bass, catchy as hell vocals (with lyrics about an auto-erotic suicide), good drums fills & tight as hell riffs.
(((20))) Mid-paced, sluggish but mostly fast Brasilian Death/Black Metal. Nothing too special.
((((21)))) Raw & super-distorted, demo-quality noise-blur Death Metal.
((((22)))) Riffy, bare bones, dual growling vocals. Though overall, mostly catchy Death Metal
((((23)))) Horror movie sample then gut churning raw as a decaying corpse Death Metal.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Destruktor Embrace The Fire
2. Destruktor Nailed
3. Shackles Coiled In Sin
4. Shackles Iron Crosses
5. Trench Hell Southern Cross Ripper
6. Dishammer Bomb In The Womb
7. Dishammer Smoke Of Death
8. Dishammer Wish Of Suffering
9. Manticore Our Will Is His
10. Manticore Feast Of The Beast
11. Profanatica Black Cum
12. Profanatica Christ's Precious Blood Poisoned
13. Havohej Kembatinan Premaster
14. Havohej Pious Breath
15. Arphaxat Portrait D'un Pretre Débauché
16. Arphaxat Le Pacte Diabolique
17. Hunter's Moon A Light In The Abyss
18. Atomizer A Song To Swing To
19. Atomizer All Disfigured And Blue
20. Atomic Aggressor Bloody Ceremonial
21. Nunslaughter Burn In Hell
22. Nunslaughter Power Of Darkness
23. Nunslaughter You Bleed