Overkill / Ironbound
Album: Ironbound   Collection:General
Artist:Overkill   Added:Feb 2010
Label:E1 Music  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-02-28
Thrash/original school Power Metal vets doing exactly that. Histronic vocals from Bobby Blitz, tight bass from D.D. Verni and fast tunes. Pretty solid effort minus that overly slick production and obvious Pro-Tools/drum triggers on the drums. (Might have something to do with the uneven Peter Tatgren production?). Also, a few twists & turns that don’t always work but after 25+ years this IS certainly Overkill album.

((((1)))) Slow bassy intro builds up then goes crazy on the gallop riffs & very 80’s Metal vocal. Though runs too long.
(((((2))))) Jumps rights out to the gallop riff right in your face with the usual gang chorus and mid-pace breaks. Weird soloing in the middle & end.
((((((3))))) Awesome NWOBHM gone thrash riffing ‘ala Diamond Head & Sweet Savage (and yeah, Metallica, too). Excellent vocals from Blitz, too.
(((4))) Mid-pace gallop, clean sound with good bass tone & a little too “radio friendly” but OK for what it is.
((((5)))) (FCC “fuck” sung twice) Modern Thrash with tons of bass & riffing interplay, really commanding vocals.
(((((6))))) Fast & modern version of Classic Power/Thrash Metal.
(((7))) So-so, early 90’s style, riffy trudging Power Metal.
(((8))) Bombastic and more Thrash with a charging mid-paced build up. Unfortunately comes across as much more like Testament than actually Overkill.
((((9)))) (FCC “Fucking” sung once) Starts like Metallica’s “Battery” then pummels fast & powerful. rather well with some interesting twists & turns and vocal emphasis.
((((10)))) Classic hammering Overkill brand Thrash. A lotta attitude, gang vocals, simple & direct. It ain’t “Feel the Fire” but it’ll do.

Track Listing
1. Green And Black   6. Endless War
2. Ironbound   7. The Head And Heart
3. Bring Me The Night   8. In Vain
4. The Goal Is Your Soul   9. Killing For A Living
5. Give A Little   10. Src