Archie Bronson Outfit / Coconut
Album: Coconut   Collection:General
Artist:Archie Bronson Outfit   Added:Mar 2010
Label:Domino Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Mar 20, 2011: Hangtime
4. Jul 01, 2010: Abra's Airwaves
2. Jul 22, 2010: Sunshine . . . in the Almost Full Moon Afternoon!
Harness (Bliss)
5. Jun 18, 2010: Out of the Dust
Wild Strawberries, Hoola
3. Jul 01, 2010: Value Machine
6. May 28, 2010: Everyday Commotion

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-05-18

Archie Bronsin Outfit – Coconut (Domino)

Indie disco rock with some industrial, world, psychedelic space trash dumped on it. Paranoid pop. Great for a late night/dark set that needs some kick. The Shins would sound like this if they wore black eye liner and got really pissed off. Listening to the energetic drum machines and some of the psychedelic grinding synths is like dancing while you sink into a prehistoric tar pit—you know the more you groove the more you fall into a deep end of black/pink gunk, but you just don’t give a fuck. FCC Clean. Picks 3, 1, 4, 8
1. ***African drums set to an industrial grind with tortured vocals. Flute flavored synths. Like dancing around a fire in a concrete jungle. 4:54
2. this track mesmorizes. psych-disco, drum machine, I’ve never heard a hand clap used so darkly. 3:12
3. ****the clear standout single. Catchy, yet melancholy. Great haunting female vocal hook 3:44
4.** ENERGY. straight up anthem rock, with layers of sawtooth distorted guitars, megaphone vox, and melted space wax 3:03
5. HAPPYier disco. The difference between this and the track before it is so bipolar. Much tighter, and less layering going on here. 4:42
6. Plenty of spooky cries from voices and guitars sinking into hell. 4:28
7. mellower, major key, plods but beautiful 3:34
8. * Euphoric, harmless, very Shins-like, edgy but still very touching 4:22
9. synth congos, tribal, aborigine sounding synth mixed with buzzy guitars 5:36
10. distorted male/female vox, bouncy disco, circusy 2:35

Track Listing
1. Magnetic Warrior   6. You Have A Right To A Mountain Life / One Up On Yourself (Medley)
2. Shark's Tooth   7. Bite It And Believe It
3. Hoola   8. Hunt You Down
4. Wild Strawberries   9. Harness (Bliss)
5. Chunk   10. Run Gospel Singer