Dark Time Sunshine / Vessel
Album: Vessel   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Dark Time Sunshine   Added:May 2010
Label:Fake Four Inc.  

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Little Or No Concern
5. Jul 21, 2010: ripridah radio
E.R. (Ft. Maggie Morrison)
3. Aug 07, 2010: Music Casserole
Now They Know (Ft. Toni Hill)
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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-05-26
Abstract hip-hop with “intelligent” lyrics akin to Buck-65, Atmosphere, etc. MC Onry Ozzborn’s non-sequeter, stream of conscious flow makes him sound sharp as a tack, but upon closer listen perhaps it gives him more cred than he deserves. Nevertheless, there are lyrical gems on every track. The production draws on a lot of electronic and psychedelic influences making for one wild trip. Try it out!

FCC: 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15

1. Static-infested intro with lots of repetitive crooning and strange synth arpeggios. 2. Spacey synth lines and glitchy electronic production matched with quick, intelligent lyrics.

3. Strange psych production. Lyrics about a hazy drug-infused trip to the Emergency Room. Tackles social problems like poverty and health care.
*4. Short “Computer Lapgirl” skit turns into a synthy 4/4 drumbeat. Slow, laid-back lyrical flow. The last 25-seconds is a parody of violence in hip-hop: audio snippets of a 7-year-old making the most violent, outlandish
*5. FCC (fuck) This track is so badass that it’s a shame it has so many FCCs. Smooth-as-butter jazzy beat, and aggressive in-your-face lyrics. The bass on this one can probably be heard for blocks. Guest feature Ninjaface shines on the track as well.
6. The lyrics are spat quite articulately, and have some interesting things to say, but the chorus is a bit whack and cheesy. The beat is super-upbeat and loud with some electro that brings Ratatat to mind.
7. FCC (fuck) Slow, muddy bassline beat with eerie vocal samples and minor-key guitar plucks.
*8. FCC (shit, fucker) Ultra-catchy jazz hook leads into an upbeat East-Coast sample-based beat. Very bombastic flaunting intro verse by P.O.S. Actually, all guests (Aesop Rock, PeeGee 13) have great moments.
9. Dreamy, wispy beat with lyrics loosely about escaping reality and pondering the meaning of life, only it’s told using the metaphor of a rainbow. Nice nostalgic piano riffs and great silky vocals by Reva Devito.
10. 30-minute ambient noise intro. Very upbeat catchy. Lyrics reference the strangest things: Avatar, dive bars, and precious stones.
11. FCC (pussy, cock) Drum n bass rhythm. Mixed into the frantic mundane lyrics about sex and partying are some really intelligent gems including this awesome Gregory Peck reference.
*12. FCC (fuck) Panicked intro rap by Solillaquists of Sound with some great backup vocals. Ozzborn’s lyrics don’t sound as sharp in comparison to the guests, but there are some great original samples that make up for it.
13. Downtempo, depressing beat with dark lyrics about unwanted teen pregnancy, drug use and burnouts.
*14. Swirly intro turns into a complex jungle rhythm. Smart, life-on-the-wild-side lyrics. The last minute dissolves into samples of the Marilyn Monroe happy birthday and then about a minute of funky jazz instrumental.
15. FCC (fuck) Midtempo song with raw drums and lyrics about a dead ex-girlfriend.
*16. (FCC)30-second dramatic intro with lots of beautiful angelic singing and smooth silky synth. Gruff, staccato flow with ethereal haunting background lyrics. The last minute is a loop of the instrumental used on Track 1.

Track Listing
1. Vessel (Ft. Ceschi Ramos)   9. All Aboard (Ft. Reva Devito)
2. Now They Know (Ft. Toni Hill)   10. The Sleestack Payback
3. E.R. (Ft. Maggie Morrison)   11. Hands Up High (Ft. Champagne Champagne)
4. Run   12. Instructions To Numb (Ft. Solillaquists Of Sound, Xperience, & Quell
5. Return Of The Agenda (Ft. Ninjaface)   13. Little Or No Concern
6. Defender (Ft. Reva Devito)   14. View Items 2 (Ft. Nyqwil)
7. Great Dane   15. Just An Old Flame (Ft. Kaitlyn Leathers)
8. Primor (Ft. P.O.S., Peegee 13, Dj Zone, & Aesop Rock)   16. No Eye Contact (Ft. Poeina Saddarth & Dj Swagg)