Various Artists / Kode 9 (Dj Kicks)
Album: Kode 9 (Dj Kicks)   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2010
Label:!K7 Records Usa  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-07-24
Dj Kicks-- KODE 9
If this isn't a-filed, shit will hit the fan.
All songs super high energy with really great production. DJ Kicks has done it again.
Super trancey with different instruments being used to give it a Latin/salsa feeling.
Read descriptors of some songs above, as they are an interpretation.
1-7 is an entire song 8-15 is an entire song 18- is an entire song,
(18-23) where you are the astronaut that is
exploring a foreign planet.
Picks: 5-6,10-11, 18-20, 28-29,
FCC: 30,31

1.(1:56)TRANCE-AHOLICS COME HITH! Uptempo, bass, salsa!
2.(1:40) Harder beats, steel drums?, very trancey still with lots of
3.(2:26) Hard beats & lot of sounds, space/noisy, nice production, dark
4.(3:04) Sirens, electronic sounds, dubby, intensified salsa
5. (1:40) Super interesting, WAY SPACEAGE, fluctuations between reality
& magical space kingdom with lots of dub. Samba + xylophones at end
6. (2:10) XYLOPHONES ARE UNDERRATED. Now, they are not.
Never though dub and xylos could create such a beautiful musically
]inclined child. spacey ending
7. (1:40) Spacey riffs + electric piano. A journey through a mystical land
on... a rug?, with lots of bad guys to defeat
8. (2:17) Dreamlike almost, hard beats and uptempo with dub and
sick production Electronic children-robots singing.
9. (2:16) Robots shattered (^). dubs. Repetitive. Cool production @ 1:00
10.(2:08) Salsa, high energy, guy in a different language, bass. Fem vox.
11.(1:25) Starts off sassy, fem vox= MIA but not as annoying, violins, dub. Gah
12.(1:18) dub, bongos, violins/ cellos. Male vox in different language
13.(2:30) steel drums, male vox, changes completely @ 1:10 into child in diff
language with cymbals and later, dub. super interesting, less trancey than res
14.(1:55) Hi hats. TRANCE BE BACK! Creepy/ spacey. Meh
15. (2:53) Spaceyer, trancey. reminds of glow in the dark frisbees. Dub later in. Meh
16. (1:34) Grungier, sassy, dubby. Attitude. R&B vox

17. (2:36) Space-age. Breathy/sassy fem vox. Electronic noises. R&B feel
18. (1:12) Dub-sexxin. Electronic rise and falls
19. (0:43) Your spaceship just landed on a foreign planet & you're exploring & shooting
laser beams. Bleeps & bloops reminiscent of Sonic on Genesis.
20. (2:15) (from above) You've discovered an alien club with a sexy sultry female
singing! [must be played with 19] Changes midway to different electronic-- boner kill.
21. (2:20) In your trying to escape the club, you run back to your spaceship but are
followed by evil aliens shooting at you!! Ah!!! You think you are safe, but they are
right behind you and try to battle you. You take them on.
22. (2:39) Your epic battle continues. WOMP WOMP WOOOMMPPP
23. (1:46) Spacey DUBSHTEP. Must be played loud
24. (1:12) Spacey, like your collecting a shitton of rings in Sonic. Rises and falls, Chill
with slower beats. But dubby
25. (1:34) Constant beeping (Lost-esque). Drums and rips. Male vox. Meh.
26. (2:13) Male vox random sounds. transitions to sampling of woman singing and speedier beat.
27. (3:27) Fast paced, like a cheetah running through a jungle cut, @0.45, fake ending,cool after.
28. (3:21) Clubby and trancey, just like in the beginning. Dub, shimmers and rockets. Huzzah!
29. (2:22) Snares and shit. Male vox. Riffs. Trancey, but still sterange.80's disco at end
30. FCC (?) (1:06) Darker and harder beats. Prelude to a FIGHT!
31. FCC: Fuck, shit (2:15) DUBBB!!!!! Too bad about the fcc, this is a really dubby & dark track

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Lone Once In A While
2. Aardvark Revo
3. Kode 9 Blood Orange
4. Kode 9 You Don't Wash (Dub)
5. Cooly G Phat Si
6. Ill Blu Bellion
7. Ikonika Heston
8. Scratcha Dva Jelly Roll
9. Mr Mageeka Different
10. Grievous Angel Move Down Low
11. Sticky Look Pon Me
12. Sticky Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
13. Mujava Pelaze Mugwanti
14. Dva Natti
15. Aardvark Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz Released Mix)
16. Morgan Zarate Feat. Sarah Ann Webb M.A.B
17. Rozzi Daime Dirty Illusions
18. Zomby Spiralz
19. Kode 9 It
20. 20. J Davey Mr. Mister
21. Digital Mystiks Much Cat
22. Terror Danjah Stiff
23. Digital Mystiks Mountain Dread March
24. Zomby Godzilla
25. Digital Mystiks Mountain Dread March (Reprise)
26. Addison Groove Footcrab
27. Kode Vs. Ld Bad
28. Maddslinky Cargo
29. Ramadanman Work Them
30. Terror Danjah Bruzin (Vip)
31. Bug, The Run (Feat. Flo Dan)