Beets, The / Spit In The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool
Album: Spit In The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool   Collection:General
Artist:Beets, The   Added:Jul 2010
Label:Captured Tracks  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-09-12
Oh boy. Here’s a collection of two-minute songs hot off the Brooklyn garage rock presses that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s toilet. “Lo-fi” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Muddy, fuzzy, tape-recorder-in-yr-pocket quality, flat bored chanty drawly vox. The songs sound like they took about as long to write as they did to play through. But some of them are... really good. It’s not fast... it’s not punk... it’s not surf... I hesitate to even call it ‘garage’... Is this genius or am I tired as shit?

RIYL... Japanther? The Television Personalities? Guided By Voices? Listening to live music through a rotary phone?

try: 8, 7, 1
FCC: 11? (I can make out a grand total of twelve words on this entire record.)

*1. super-simple draggy chords and a surprisingly effective vocal vamp. kicks off almost exactly like an elliott smith demo i can’t place.
2. heavy slow tambourine and sidewinder hi-pitched bass. western drawl.
3. upbeat, strummy, happy. handclaps. rocking chair rock. ends with some ‘ooh’s.
4. chill island slow dance. sorta romantic, but also wumbly. the longest track on the record.
5. warble gear-up. lots of space/separation. banjo & bass drum. gets a little rockabilly, then backs off. could be a white stripes demo.
6. warbling, wailing, tuneless strumming, piano clodding. 56 seconds’ worth.
*7. slowed-down surf jam. on the sweet side. nice smooth-moves bass line. sounds a wee bit like the zombies.
*8. uptempo singalong. jaunty drums & campfire melody. bright and fun.
9. heavy drums, fast strumming, half-melodic, half-off-key vox. ‘gonna have to go-ooh-whoa whoa-ooh-whoa-ooh-whoa a-waaayyy.’
10. shakers & bom-bom bass. lilty melody. square dance on slow mo. alternately: lost track from tom sawyer’s high school battle of the bands.
11. FCC? (‘fuckers’?) fast & strummy. rudder bass & thwomping bass drum. yelled, punky vox.
12. driving hi-pitched bass and bass drum that always seem to be speeding up. repetitive yet relentless. spanish lyrics.

Track Listing
1. Happy But On My Way   7. No Blood
2. I Wish I Knew   8. What Did I Do?
3. My Bones My Flesh + Me   9. Go Away
4. For You   10. Broken English
5. The Devil   11. Why Should I Live If I Won't Fit
6. Eat No Dick   12. Hoy