Belle And Sebastian / Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
Album: Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance   Collection:General
Artist:Belle And Sebastian   Added:Oct 2010
Label:Matador Records  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2015-01-29
Belle and Sebastian go '80s.

Christ, they've been making records for 20 years. So it makes sense that they've reached the '80s. But it's still whimsical, precious songs about youth and whatnot for everybody's favorite Scottish retro-indie-darlings. This record has a tremendous DIVERSITY to the sounds; some are the standard '60s ballads, but many are synthy and keytars and whatnot. But... this was a hard sell at first, but it totally works. I've fallen in love with this album, just like the others.

All tracks here are really worth a damn, but #10 is something really special, one of the very very best things B&S have created.

Stuart Murdoch sings on all tracks, except for 4 and 11 (Sarah Martin), and 10 (Murdoch is joined by Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls). FCC clean.

1. (5:08) **** Soft, lush insistent beat. Hooky, but also simple and cloyingly cute. But it's also what you get and need with B&S. I feel that in the world of B&S, this would be the sound of a military march.
2. (3:16) **** Ba-ba-ba-ba. Jaunty and fluty.
3. (4:14) **** Now here's a flashy drum-machine '80s elecro-dance jam. But it works. "Jump to the beat of the party line." Vampy and totally effective.
4. (3:57) ***** Sarah Martin sings. '80s magic-sounding synths (shoegazy) shine down. Hazy and beautiful yearning.
5. (5:17) **** FRAGILE. And slow. Classical strings through gauzy effects; pastoral shimmerings of Sir Walter Scott-esque nostalgia. So fragile. And slow.
6. (6:48) **** COCAINE-HYPER-SYNTH-DANCE-FURY. (This song is about Sylvia Plath?) Fast fast fast fast dancey dancey dancey, but great hooks.
7. (5:25) *** Slinky. Very slinky, soft drums and little more... until it goes all into some sort of Greek/Klezmer thing. Huh. Ultimately more folky than anything.
8. (5:29) ** African drums and finger-snapping. Zappy s/fx. Then disaffected MTV voices. Huh.
9. (4:21) ***** CLASSIC B&S. This could have been on If You're Feeling Sinister, sonically. Acoustic, soft, hurt ballad. Beauty.
10. (7:33) *************** One of the very best things B&S have ever done--a duet with Dee Dee Penny (of the Dum Dum Girls), with a full-on '81s hyper-dramatic weep-pop (Tears for Fears, U2), with some co-opting of African chanting at the end. But so goddamned beautiful and meaningless and wordless and ... just a very special song.
11. (4:23) ****** (Sarah Martin sings). Sounds like a video arcade + Tiffany's mall tour + My Bloody Valentine. And ye-ye. Kinda. Beautiful hooks, happy tune with sad nostalgia.
12. (5:25) *** Hazy warpy Donovanny soft ballad.

Track Listing
1. Nobody's Empire   7. The Everlasting Muse
2. Allie   8. Perfect Couples
3. The Party Line   9. Ever Had A Little Faith?
4. The Power Of Three   10. Play For Today
5. The Cat And The Cream   11. The Book Of You
6. Enter Sylvia Plath   12. Today (This Army's For Peace)