K.C. Accidental / Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub + Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills

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1. Jul 27, 2011: erratic
Residential Love Song
4. Jan 26, 2011: 3-way
Anorexic He-Man
2. Apr 27, 2011: Brownian Motion (sub)
Residential Love Song, Insturmental Died In The Bathtub And Took All The Daydreams With It
5. Jan 20, 2011: Treeswinger Radio
Kev's Message For Charlie
3. Apr 06, 2011: brain drip
Ruined In 84
6. Jan 19, 2011: Brownian Motion
Is And Of The

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2010-11-12
Post rock masterpiece: This project pre-dated Broken Social Scene, was the “lo-fi bedroom” recording project of their founder Kevin Drew with his buddy Charles Spearin. These are those recordings from the late 90’s. There is nothing “lo-fi” or “bedroom”/”living room” about this stuff, quality-wise. Guitars, bass, drums, samples/tapes, all instrumental (no vocals). Great mastery of 8-track reel to reel, proving that these guys’ worship of all things Touch and Go, Thrill Jockey, Drag City (liner notes) was to no avail, NOT.

Disc 1
1) repetitive rockin, dreamrock quality with overtones, finally midway theres a chordal change and things get different and more lush, nice end with acoustic guitar, uses that “old vinyl” effect
2) sexy dreamy, clean electro “love” music with trumpet that picks up, goes back
3) intense skippy jungly beat starts but is beaten back by a slow dreamy bass and ambient sentiments unsuccessfully as the drums begin to take over and this fleshes out full-on jungle post rock at its best, killer samples in out-tro
4) slow, mellow, acoustic guitar, simple drums, chill for sure, then picks up with heavier drums, trumpet, epic 9 minutes
5) telephone answering machine playbacks, liner notes imply that this band was formed because of this. Track uses it to start and fleshes it out, pretty damn cool! Chill and nice, creative, with messages samples out-tro
6) long and epic, a post-rock demo of sorts, complete with trumpet, the way it builds, then the denouement, the works

Disc 2
1) looping/repetitive guitar theme, bass joins with melody and the drums calms down into a lovely dreamy beat, overall lovely
2) soaring ¾ beat, lovely bendy stratosphere sky above it (a la My Bloody Valentine, if more subdued), false ending midway, not to worry
3) cool quintessential “post-rock” beat, dreamy understated melodic sound washes, pretty, looping druggy, cool near-false ending with ~2 minutes remaining takes down the volume significantly, but not to worry
4) fade-in, upbeat drums for solid ground but an almost Eno’esque chiming quality about the guitars that provide the sky
5) high hat skippy beat, with female vocal embellishments, soaring ethereal everything
6) EPIC: long ambient intro, then out of the blue drums come in and it becomes another post-rock masterpiece, trumpet, the kitchen sink

Track Listing
1. Nancy And Girdle Boy   7. Insturmental Died In The Bathtub And Took All The Daydreams With It
2. Something For Chicago   8. Residential Love Song
3. Anorexic He-Man   9. Silverfish Eyelashes
4. Save The Last Breath For Me   10. Ruined In 84
5. Kev's Message For Charlie   11. Them (Pop Song #3333)
6. Tired Hands   12. Is And Of The