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Album Review
Eme O
Reviewed 2014-06-26
Pop/Rock. Ninth album from New York trio of lead singer/songwriter Cory McAbee, drummer Bobby Lurie, bassist Frank Swart. (They wrote/performed the soundtrack for “The American Astronaut,” a film starring Cory McAbee, one which I recommend you watch right away if you haven’t already.) Most songs slowish or mid-tempo. Some lyrics start with one line, oft-repeated, then offer some elaboration on the topic, or head off down tangent lane. Others tell a story. Weirdness level: Oingo Boingo. Honestly, I loved this album before I heard it. No FCCs detected. PLAY ANY (especially 8,9,12). ~eme o.

1. Henry Joe (2:14) Mid-slow head-nodding/walking/plodding carnival beat. Talking about folks. “This is the song about people I know, people like Henry Joe.”

2. Reno (2:56) Brief electronic weebles before mid-slow beat kicks in. Travelogue of sorts. “I have been to Reno.”

3. Wrong Highway (2:46) Slowish. A story that starts on the ground and spins out into the stars. “I went to work on the wrong highway.”

4. Snow Girl (2:07) Mid-tempo. “I’m gonna build a woman out of dirt and clay and snow.” Abrupt end.

5. Riding Horses (3:07) Slow to mid. Mystery-novel bass line (like exploring a vacant house, looking into corners and behind doors). The mystery: “Wait til ya see what he got ya.”

6. Glass Slippers (3:07) Slow, after-love ballad. Storytelling lyrics. Music like an update on 80s-era modern rock. (Shades of “Melt With You.”)

7. Glue (2:33) Fuzzy bouncy bass(?) line. Marching drum beat. Rock guitar line. “It’s only glue to make your dreams come true.”

8. Rainy Days (2:20) Mid-slow. Quietly screaming guitar line. “How many times can you walk through the house?”

9. Who Do You Sue? (3:38) Mid-slow. Kind of a funky wocka bass line. Triangles in the background. Opens out into an expansive sound near the end before fading to silence.

10. Two Flies (3:45) Up-beat start then slows. Ukelele(?). Speeds up again, wocka guitar, “ooh-ahh.” Relationship ended, badly.

11. He’s Flying (3:44) Slow. Sad song of envy and failure. “So I posted that I could fly too, but all I could do was stand on the roof shouting insults at all of you.” Ends ~4 secs early.

12. James Gang (3:03) Mid-tempo. Finger-snapping beat, tune about a Jesse James gang consisting of multiple Jesses. “All right, things are gettin’ messy, what do you think that we oughta do?”

13. Joe’s Hat (0:54) Jaunty ukelele tune about a regretfully workaholic hatmaker.

Track Listing
1. Henry Joe   7. Glue
2. Reno   8. Rainy Days
3. Wrong Highway   9. Who Do You Sue?
4. Snow Girl   10. Two Flies
5. Riding Horsese   11. He's Flying
6. Glass Slippers   12. James Gang
  13. Joe's Hat