Hype Williams / Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin' Reel

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1. Mar 21, 2019: deep storage (2015-2019)
Blue Dream
4. May 19, 2016: radio seven
Jesus To A Child Pt. 2
2. Mar 01, 2017: deep storage
The Throning
5. Apr 14, 2016: radio seven
Blue Dream
3. Nov 30, 2016: deep storage
Blue Dream
6. Jan 17, 2013: The Sunset Life
Rescue Dawn 2

Album Review
Reviewed 2011-01-01
A delicious compilation of WTF? distorted audio, half-speed dance tracks and nostalgic synthy electro beats put out by the London/Berlin-based duo Hype Williams. Probably not experimental enough to qualify for “X” categorization, but still pretty hypnotic and left-field.

Try: 1, 4, 8, 3, 9 FCC: 2

*1. Awesome bump and grind rap beat with strange, kooky distorted vocals reading off the “Pokemon” theme like it’s some sort of spoken word poetry. It even features the auto-tuned sounds of a baby crying. I’m not sure if I got all of that across…either way, this track is probably a lot cooler than I made it sound.
2. FCC (fuck) A skit of a man drunk dials his girlfriend. Has the same vocal distortion as track 1.
*3. What sounds like cheesy 80’s science documentary soundtracks mixed with a heavy pounding bassbeat. Is this the missing track from the Flying Lotus album?
*4. Looped crooning female vocal samples with 808 drum machine lines and reverb keyboard. Subtle Latin/Baile Funk influence. Smeared thickly with nostalgia.
5. Sounds like a 45 record of Brazilian Samba played on 33rpm. Screwed and loony with warbling currents.
6. 30-second intermission track with lots of sparkly sunny keyboard and harsh, unrefined 808 drum machines.
7. Someone is screwing with the pitch knob again. This song features foreign female vocals and deep grinding bassbeats all set to the background of a psychedelic cassette played waaaaay tooooooooo sloooow.
*8. Dreamy synth bliss-out keyboards with male vocals at half-speed. Stunned records meets H-Town Chopped and Screwed?
*9. A distorted 1-minute phone recording of a panicked drug dealer getting SUPER paranoid. Most of what he is saying is too blurry and gargled to decipher, but you get the general gist. A nice keyboard jam provides good bed music.
10. Drum-heavy instrumental set on half speed. Sounds kind of like Baths or some super left field 4-tet remix.

Track Listing
1. Rescue Dawn 2   6. Jesus To A Child
2. Untitled (Andrea Lopez)   7. Jesus To A Child Pt. 2
3. Blue Dream   8. Rescue Dawn 3
4. The Throning   9. Jesus To A Child Reprise
5. Untitled   10. Untitled 1