Inu / Not For Anyone
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Artist:Inu   Added:Jan 2011
Label:Vertebrae Music Productions  

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Album Review
Nick McGee
Reviewed 2011-01-10
Band: INU ("Dog" in Japanese? "In You"?)
Album: Not For Anyone
TryI.Y.L.: The New Monarchs, USVS

The triumphant return of emo-electronic post-rock. A little bit slow-core, a little bit Postal Service, a smidge of noise-rock. Definitely computerized but still lo-fi. This band is incredibly emotional, incredibly powerful, possibly even inspiring when their slow, complex songs break into harmonic choruses. The music is driven, purposeful, but not aggressive. This is one of those bands that will be on the soundtrack to my life-story, because it washes over you and paints life a rosy color. It's a truly beautiful record. Note that they're cheating a little bit, as their producer is Count, of Radiohead/New Order fame. I can't find a bad track on this record, but I had to pick some for airplay. NO FCCS.
>>1<< Are they playing wine glasses? From high chimes to well measured strums on a guitar, the "ahh"ing backup vocals and a thrilling, expansive chorus, this is a great song.
>>>2<<< A little bit angry, a little bit noisy, another song with an incredibly strong and rousing chorus and definite purpose.
3> It's cheery, it's addictive, and it's about Stephen Colbert! This is just one of those songs you will find yourself whistling.
>>4<< Cleanest, tightest indie-rock sound on the record, but don't be fooled, this one is is just as complex and compelling. Incredible ending.
>>5<< Crackly, haunting vocals, electronic scramblings. Starts deceptively slow and morphs into a real foot-tapper with sharp guitars and a scritchy-scratchy bassline. I hear 30STM in this track.
>>>>6<<<< Hits hard from the start: featuring a well-weathered piano and a more acoustic sound, this one is truly motivational and a good departure from their standard formula.
7> Super slow, but nonetheless beautiful. Warbling, squeaking electronics. A droning voice, slowly being overwhelmed in the noisy soundscape.
8> A hesitant drum beat with fast-passing sirens and a plodding synth melody. If I had to call a track on this CD "Radio-heady" it would be this one.
9> Pensive meandering background melodies, powerful guitars and a very open and hopeful feel. Quite Emo.
>>>10<<< Cello stars in this more simplified yet wholly enveloping piece. It really feels like every sound in the piece has its own story to tell.
11> A calm, soothing and beautiful way to end a record. The only thing wrong with it is that once it's done, the CD is over. Consider playing to end your show!

Track Listing
1. The Bailing   6. Appeal To The Masses
2. Appearances   7. Captured
3. Stephen Colbert   8. A Crowded Place
4. Disarmed   9. Sealed
5. Far From Safe   10. Not For Anyone
  11. Atlas