Actooon / Amper-O-Mat / Ovulations
Album: Ovulations   Collection:General
Artist:Actooon / Amper-O-Mat   Added:Jan 2011
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Spanish Rotor

Album Review
Reviewed 2014-01-16
Silly noisy basement jams from our favorite Croatian weirdo label. Simply put, this kind of sucks, but in an intriguing way that draws attention to the artificially sterile production values of pop culture. No rockstar ambitions, just pure fuckshituppery. Actooon (1-5) does bizarre noodling on fretless guitar, which former KZSU DJ Brick described as sounding “like Willaim S Burroughs on the wrong end of a bender getting shitfaced at some Croatian prostitute mill with a Lemonte [sic] Young jam and a bunch of lost stoners.” Amper-o-Mat (6-8) is just as goofy and sophomoric, but with more diverse electronic sounds. It’s probably the same guy under a different name because he’s a crazy nutjob doing whatever crazy drugs people can barely afford in the Eastern bloc. *cough* pass the krokodil, Vlad!

1. (4:35) thumping glitchy pulses, a competent guitarist with severe ADD
2. (4:45) more lurid, dissonant chords seem to engage in call-and-response with strange stereo-panning noises
3. (4:45) slow lazy noodling with some semi-ambient synth madness
4. (4:41) gradual crescendo of weird chirping oscillations, would sound better without the shitty guitar
5. (4:42) shrill industrial screeches and the same dumb guitar shit again
6. (4:37) random guitar chord strumming, electronic bird chirping nonsense
7. (6:32) echoing plunking sounds, woozy monotron blips, random partial scales on guitar
8. (6:54)more random guitar, kicks into random blues shuffle for a bit, squiggly electronics

Track Listing
1. Setting.Com.Dot   5. Isthmus Cranium
2. Spanish Rotor   6. Magnolia
3. Orange Vibrator   7. Ovulator Key
4. Induction Off/On   8. Antidiffusia