Port-Royal / 2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism
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Bitcrush – Of Embers [Port-Royal Remix]/Port-Royal
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Tomorrow [Port-Royal Remix]/Ladytron

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-07-15
Port Royal-- The Golden Age of Consumerism
Ten year celebration of Italian electronica group. CD 1 is originals, CD2 is remixes. On CD 1, lots of shimmery synth tracks, mostly pretty mellow and dreamy with some noise cranked in. CD1 tracks can be played continuously, they flow into one another nicely. CD 2 offers more dance/ beat oriented songs, but still with their fair share of synths, dreamscapes, spacey sounds, and shimmers. Many of the songs sound very similar, and none of them are outright terrible. Overall, pretty good stuff.
Picks: CD1-3,6,7,10 CD2- 1, 6, 12, 16, 17
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1. (3:34) Synth warmup. Starts eerily but picks up into shimmery noise cacophony.
2. (6:29) Beating, raw track. Cascades in and out, with some lush noise and reverb.
*3. (5:16) Techy faster song with strumming guitar and eerie synth. Nice.
4. (4:51) Mixed up soft female speech with looped string track? Perchance.
5. (4:42) Melancholic beats, faster drumming, strumming guitar + keyboard
*6. (2:32) Lost in the desert. Only the moonlight guides you towards your tent. Slowly rediscovering humanity.
*7. (4:05) Middle Eastern influenced chill wave. Dreamy, trance-inducing, and psychedelic.
*8. (3:32) Really dreamy, chill song with faster snare beats and waves of sound.
9. (4:12) Repetitive diddy that could back a montage of love lost, and won.
*10. (8:45) Chill submarine search of deep sea-- dolphin echos, synths, noises and keyboards.
11. (3:54) Still, lonely song-- soft keyboards with emptiness. Gets acoustic later.
12. (3:44) Quiet, unfettered cascading synths with some fuzz.
13. (6:51) Twinkling sounds, faster shakers, whooshes of winds.
14. (11:11) Long repetitive building track, gets quiet in middle, and rebuilds to clanging bell symphony
15 (5:59) Shimmering sythn symphony that rises and falls playfully.
*1. (5:53) Lush, pounding, break beat atmospheric journey.
2. (3:16) Dance beat coupled with vocoder and synths. Very poppy.
3. (4:32) Female vocals + cutesy dance beat and twinkles + machine sounds.
4. (2:42) Faster blippy break beat coupled with dark 80’s female vocals. Noise-synths too.
5. (3:25) Fast drum/ bass song (not enough bass!) with angry female vocals. Slows down halfway through
*6. (3:30) Lush synths, poppy and heavy dance beat, female whispered vocals
7. (4:16) Male spanish with spacey/ spiraling synths, lounge-y beat
(4:26) Bigger beats with breaks, noises, shimmers and beeps.
9. (5:16) Slower drum beat with some light guitar and synths. Darker though.
10. (3:41) Slight dance beat with faster synths/ bleeps. Light breaks here and there.
11. (4:05) Reassuring female vocals with dreamscapes of synths and crackles.
*12. (5:34) Lush, building chill. Layered with sounds, bleeps, and waves of noise.
13. (4:30) Brooding darker track with strings(?)
14. (3:59) Jingling track with beats and mouth noises.
15. (4:04) Summery love song with synths, guitar, flute, and twinkles
*16. (4:46) Mysterious, wavering synths filled with harsh noises and creaks. Later filled with electric guitar + big female vocals
*17 (6:13) Beautiful guitar melded with synths in a lovely, happy, track.
18. (5:47) Waves, noise, spacey, picks up and get eerie in the middle with “walls of sound”.

Track Listing
1. Gelassenheit   17. We All Wanna Be Prince [Port-Royal Remix]/Felix Da Housecat
2. Regine Olsen   18. You+Me+Ever [Port-Royal Remix]/Cruiser
3. Divertissement   19. Hands And Knees [Port-Royal Remix]/Dag För Dag
4. Geworfenheit   20. E-Ink P-Ride [Port-Royal Remix]/Blown Paper Bags
5. Roliga Timmen [2003 Version]   21. Tomorrow [Port-Royal Remix]/Ladytron
6. Stasi   22. La Faccia Della Luna [Port-Royal Remix]/Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
7. The Beat Of The Tiger   23. Long Way Home [Port-Royal Remix]/D_Rradio
8. Song Of Megaptera [Port-Royal Vs Selaxon Lutberg]   24. Les Protagonistes Du Rien [Port-Royal Remix]/Millimetrik
9. Eva Green   25. Damage [Port-Royal Remix]/Illuminated Faces
10. Ernst Bloch   26. Back In Style [Port-Royal Remix]/Felix
11. Agent 008 Codename Littlehorses (Aka The Lazybones)   27. Blanket Of Ash [Port-Royal Remix]/Jatun
12. Severnaya   28. Blind [Port-Royal Remix]/Absent Without Leave
13. Electric Tears (Nothing's Gonna Change)   29. L?Ultimo Gesto [Port-Royal Remix]/Il Cielo Di Bagda
14. Günther Anders [Extended Version]   30. If I Told You [Port-Royal Remix]/Televise
15. Hans Kelsen   31. I Am The Assassin [Port-Royal Remix]/Dag För Dag
16. Shree Bang Special [Port-Royal Remix]/Ak Kids   32. Bitcrush ? Of Embers [Port-Royal Remix]/Port-Royal
  33. Fréquentations [Port-Royal Remix]/Inlandsis