Daedelus / Bespoke
Album: Bespoke   Collection:General
Artist:Daedelus   Added:May 2011
Label:Ninja Tune  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jun 05, 2023: GORP
Tailor-Made (With Milosh)
4. Apr 17, 2013: Pumping Iron
In Tatters (With Kelela Mizanekristos)
2. Jun 16, 2014: Pumping Iron
Tailor-Made (With Milosh)
5. Mar 19, 2013: Pumping Iron!
French Duffs (With Baths)
3. Jun 05, 2013: Pumping Iron
Tailor-Made (With Milosh)
6. Jan 15, 2013: Pumping Iron
Tailor-Made (With Milosh)

Album Review
DJ Joubert
Reviewed 2011-06-23
The great Daedelus is back with his latest and most sonically rich album yet. Lots of real instruments and lots of variation in his futurebeat sound. This sounds more experimental than his previous work, and he brings in very different layers in the same tracks. Lots of layered vocals and plenty of harmonizing, against tons of brass and drum-rolls. He goes beyond his limits, hits all the eclectic buttons, and produces a record that stands out from the crowd. Daedelus describes it as "custom-made to measure, my outlook on life". The craftsmanship and quliy is top notch, yet it doesn't quite reach the level of emotional integration of his previous work

Try out: 1, 7, 8, 11

1) *** (4:40, 140 bpm) Dark-ing, loping tune with muted non-word vocals. Good driving beat builds anticipation.
2) ** (4:15, 87 bpm) Conteplative sound, rich and full. Plucked stringy sounds with double-strumming guitar makes it feel fast. Evolves into hopeful driving sound
3) * (4:25, 90 bpm) Dark muted beat, drilling synthy sounds. Strange late-night sound. Female mezzosoprano vocals "someone is rocking my time" with soprano lilting and harmonizing.
4) ** (4:16, ~90 bpm) Dreaming la-la vocals with highly syncopated and glitchy, busy cymbals for strange contrast. Weirdly good!
5) ** (3:35, 117 bpm) Is this a marching band? Drumline-like snares with hopeful brass. No vocals. Straightforward melody.
6) *** (2:54, 138 bpm) All-over-the-place very full kicks, snares, rides and cymbals. Echo-y vocals makes for a _very_ busy track.
7) **** (3:40, 93 bpm) slow, echoey drumkit with RJD2-like mids and spacey vocal track. Rises into fast jitters and spacey piano. Great late night!
8) ***** (3:18, 63 bpm) slow, hopeful vocals. Breaking free from sadness, touches of regrets, fantastic track with morphing synths and large room echos.
9) ** (6:15, 94 bpm) I'm inside a factory of the future. Alien sounds! Machines approaching! But what's this? Harps? Gets a bit repetetive.
10) ** (3:38, 130 bpm) Another sonically full track. Jammed with lots of straight-beat drum rolls and half-speed ooaaeeaaoooo vocals, against 8-bit-like mids.
11) ***** (0:41) Very short "i want to sleep" chorus. Could be an awesome 3am last track!!

Track Listing
1. Tailor-Made (With Milosh)   6. What Can You Do? (With Busdriver
2. Sew Darn Mend   7. French Duffs (With Baths)
3. Penny Loafers (With Inara George)   8. In Tatters (With Kelela Mizanekristos)
4. One And Lonely (With Young Dad)   9. Slowercase D
5. Suit Yourself   10. Overwhelmed (With Bilal)
  11. Nightcap