Wind Swept Planes / Spirit Man
Album: Spirit Man   Collection:General
Artist:Wind Swept Planes   Added:May 2011
Label:Debacle Records  

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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2011-09-25
Twisted, loose, messed-up recordings and experiments using acoustic and electric instruments played improperly and atonally. Old Time Relijun bludgeoned on the head with a shovel and stuck in some backwoods folk-psych nightmare. All tracks strange, slow, and completely worth your time. What are song structures anyway? No FCCs - the man sounds like a National Geographic discovery from the Amazon more than an English speaker.
Disc I:
1. Bent light guitar plays vague tune with clattery, messy percussion; desperate circus non-human vocals. (5:32)
*2. Banjo pluck and strange rhythmic beatbox distortion/droning voice. (5:30)
3. Loose banjo strikes and percussion, settles on a strident rhythm and Special Olympian vocal gurgly stylings. (6:14)
*4. Organ from some Italian boardwalk criminal and persistent tape loop percussion layers. Later some dense guitar distortion comes in waves. (6:11)
5. Uncomfortable timbre to the percussion, dissonant bendy ukelele lead, tuned percussion rattling and freaky vocals. (6:13)
6. Growly, creepy gravelly voice, slow string pluck, backwater bayou tune by a homeless wolfman illicit chronic inhaler. (6:01)
7. Electric guitar looped dark piercing, some Eastern acoustic string patterns, same intelligible hobo snarl in first half, bass drump bump for second half and then some cash-register toy sounds as well. (11:53)
8. Screechy distorted vocals giving a play-by-play commentary of the turf war between our hero jungle man, pounding toms, and hyenas. Upbeat. (5:29)
*9. Bubbly plucky; picks up with simple tribal percussion, sharp harsh atmospherics and instrument abuse. (8:01)
10. Dense dark guitar sustained to an uneasy, cannibal sacrificial drone with hillbilly acoustic meandering and minimalist ringing percussion. (11:07)

Disc II:
1. Vocals / weirdo digital percussion, then gets noisy, messy, and heavy. (6:20)
*2. Massively distorted stop/start looped strum chaos with some digital bleeping. (6:21)
3. Slow fade in, droney harsher distorto meandering, looped feel, noise track. (6:28)
4. Back to bizarre, crawling acoustic guitar meander. (6:10)
*5. Ugly Tom Waits twisted garbage can twang hobo jaunt with double-tracked, strained vocals. (6:23)
*6. Tribal percussion complexity with distant, mentally challenged talk/vocals. (6:10)
7. Simple, steady slow rhythm, growled, barked vocals, no hooks to be found here, manipulated bird whistling in last minute and a half. (6:24)
8. Basic guitar pattern and seeping, creeping atmospherics/digital noise with some buzzing, repetitive vocals used rhythmically. (6:49)

Track Listing
1. Nest Of Vipers (Got Me All Shook Up Inside)   10. Dissonant Pains
2. It's Quiet In The Closet   11. Incendiary Sleep
3. Become My Sacrament   12. Trumphants Deation
4. Magical Fuck Music   13. Spit & Ashes
5. Blueberry Tongue   14. 'chelle At The Beach
6. Moth Eyes   15. Deep Waters
7. Spirit Man   16. Trepanning
8. I Probably Hate You   17. Devil In Me
9. Salt Me When You Leave   18. Trapped Under Glaciers