Perahia, Murray / Brahms: Handel Variations, Rhapsodies, Piano Pieces Op. 118, 119
Album:Brahms: Handel Variations, Rhapsodies, Piano Pieces Op. 118, 119 Collection:Classical
Artist:Perahia, Murray Added:May 2011
Label:Sony Bmg Music Entertainment 

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Handel variations, op. 24
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Rhapsody In G Minor, Op. 79 (Molto Passionato) (6:14)
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Handel Variations, Op. 24 (26:09)
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Romance In F Maj, Op. 118 (Andante) (3:55), Intermezzo In F Min, Op. 118 (Allegretto) (2:34), Ballade In G Minor, Op. 118 (Allegro Energico) (3:30), Intermezzo In A Maj,Op. 118 (Andante Teneramente)(5:10), Intermezzo In A Min, Op. 118 (Allegro Non Assai) (1:50)
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Handel variations, op. 24
6.Jun 14, 2011:Bisous Bijoux
Intermezzo In E Min, Op. 119 (Andantino) (4:16)

Album Review
Larry Koran
Reviewed 2011-05-31 
Perahia, Murray / Brahms (Handel Variations, Op. 24; Rhapsodies Op. 79; Piano Pieces Opp. 118 & 119)
Label: Sony classical

Larry K.
Reviewed 2011-05-30

MURRAY PERAHIA, BRAHMS: Handel Variations Op. 24, Rhapsodies Op. 79, Piano Pieces Opp. 118 & 119
Sony Classical, 2010

The Handel Variations, Op. 24 of Brahms (1833-1897), composed in 1861, are a set of 25 on the Aria con variazioni from Handel’s 1st suite of his 2nd set of Suites de pieces le clavecin. The variations rest on the base harmony and treat the melody more freely, an innovation for Brahms; they are capped by a beautiful 4’54” fugue. The two Rhapsodies, Op. 79, containing great drama, were popular with Brahms’s contemporaries, and he often performed them with his Second Piano Concerto, Op. 83. The ten Piano Pieces Opp. 118 & 119, published in 1893, are his last piano works. Their mood is one of resignation and melancholy, expressed by increased dissonance that foreshadows 20th century interest in dissonant harmonies.

Handel Variations, Op. 24
1. (26:09). 25 variations and a wonderful 4-voice fugue. Transforms the courtly theme in mood, texture, dynamic, exploiting the piano’s many voices and drawing the listener irresistibly forward to each delight.

Two Rhapsodies, Op. 79
2. (9:01) Rhapsody in B min. Agitato. At first stern, lyrical middle
3. (6:14) Rhapsody in G min. Molto passionato. Striding and noble.

Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118
4. (1:50) Intermezzo in A min. Allegro non assai. Dark, impassioned
5. (5:10) Intermezzo in A maj. Andante teneramente. Lyrical
6. (3:30) Ballade in G Min. Allegro energico. Heroic.
7. (2:34) Intermezzo in F min. Allegreto. Restless dialogue
8. (3:55) Romance in F maj. Andante. Pastoral.
9. (5:10) Intermezzo in Eb min. Andante. A beautiful meditation.

Four Piano Pieces, Op. 119
10. (3:35) Intermezzo in B min. Adagio. Tender pathos.
11. (4:16) Intermezzo in E min. andantino. Both feverish and tranquil
12. (1:41) Intermezzo in C maj. Grazioso e giocoso. Dance-like.
13. (5:22) Rhapsody in Eb maj. Allegro risoluto. Heroic, bold.

Track Listing
1.Handel Variations, Op. 24 (26:09) 7.Intermezzo In F Min, Op. 118 (Allegretto) (2:34)
2.Rhapsody In B Minor, Op. 79, (Agitato) (9:01) 8.Romance In F Maj, Op. 118 (Andante) (3:55)
3.Rhapsody In G Minor, Op. 79 (Molto Passionato) (6:14) 9.Intermezzo In Eb Min, Op. 118 (Andante) (5:10)
4.Intermezzo In A Min, Op. 118 (Allegro Non Assai) (1:50) 10.Intermezzo In B Min, Op. 119 (Adagio) (3:35)
5.Intermezzo In A Maj,Op. 118 (Andante Teneramente)(5:10) 11.Intermezzo In E Min, Op. 119 (Andantino) (4:16)
6.Ballade In G Minor, Op. 118 (Allegro Energico) (3:30) 12.Intermezzo In C Maj, Op. 119 (Grzioso) 1:41
 13.Rhapsody In Eb Maj, Op. 119 (Allegro) (5:22)