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Ya Se Van Los Pastores
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Farsa Del Buen Vivir

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-06-27
FUSIOON: “Absolute Fusioon” – Interesting collection of electronica blended with traditional instruments, played in an offhanded manner. Unusual collection of sounds and moods. Almost electronic classical. Odd, but cool and fun. Most are instrumentals, some with subtle Oohs and Ahhs.
Personal Faves: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11 -- Sunshine, June 2013

1-“Dialogos” – Starts with almost airplane sounds. Interesting jungle percussion. Vocal “chanting”, echoed by electronica (sort of llike Dueling Banjos). Then Spanish vocals. Almost electronic calliope sounds. Then some amplified strings. Intensity builds. Interesting potpourri. (6:40)
2-“Cyclos” – Confusion and chaos. Rapid organ with rhythmic effects. Unusual percussion sort of tells a story. Instrumental. (2:43)
3- “Ya Se Van Los Pastores” – Begins sort of like “Wipe Out”. Then becomes more confused and harried. Flutes, with guitar. Becomes almost jazzy, piano-bar style. Chimey bell-like percussion. Very bizarre, but cool. Instrumental. (5:22)
4- “Farsa Del Buen Vivir” – Strange rhythms and moods. Vocals. Happy and confused simultaneously. Kind of cool instrumentation. (3:16)
5- “No Hay Habitacion” – Violins?! Massive confusion. Vocals don’t match the instruments. Almost jazz guitar. A bit eery. Really strange. (4:00)
6- “Negra Sombra” – Normal piano?!!! Regular drums and cymbals?!!! Violin. Seems out of place on this CD! Jazzy with classical bits. Mood shifts halfway through … Frenzied. Background choral vocal sounds (Ahh, ahh), but essentially Instrumental. (3:50)
7- “Tocata Y Fug” – Organ in Transylvania. Or just church. Then we embark upon a journey. Interesting rhythms. Picks up the pace. Almost feels like Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Instrumental. (3:43)
8- “Contraste” – Tuba or cello. Piano. Peculiar beat. Vocals (Oh, oh, oh). Then more of the interesting organ, done differently than prior tracks. You can feel excitement brewing. Pretty guitar. Polyrhythms. Gets sparce for a moment midway. Then picks up speed and fervor. Myriad musical sounds and sources. Essentially Instrumental. (6:37)
9- “Danza De Molinero” – Soft, slow start. Piano, with subtle drums. Intensity increases. Rather pretty piece. Arpeggios. Mysterious. Then happy and light. Instrumental. (4:38)
10- “Rondo Y Final” – Sounds like melodic video game. Or a ferris wheel. Then, eery chaos ensues. Blippiness. Sort of big ending. Instrumental. (2:56)
11- “Fusioon Rapsodia” – Starts out really upbeat and cool. Happy violins with peppy beats. Some chaotic electronic effects. Instrumental. (3:03)
12- “Tritons Conclusion” – Total confusion – kind of like the whole album, with Queen-style background vocals. (0:51)

Track Listing
1. Diálogos   7. Tocata Y Fug
2. Cyclos   8. Contraste
3. Ya Se Van Los Pastores   9. Danza Del Molinero
4. Farsa Del Buen Vivir   10. Rondo Y Final
5. No Hay Habitacion   11. Rapsodia
6. Negra Sombra   12. Tritons Conclusion