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Album: Bollywood Bloodbath   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Finders Keepers  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-01-27
Bollywood Bloodbath
Reviewed by Sadie O., 1/27/12
Particularly odd Bollywood soundtrack numbers, apparently from crime and monster movies. Music takes inspiration from Western movie soundtracks and adds particularly Bollywood elements of just plain oddness.
1. 0:42 slow fade in, sinister laugh, jangly bits, then violins and laughter. Manages to segue right into next track.
2. 4:09 **electronic weebles, then drum beats that speed up, turning into quite a funky little dance beat with pretty female chorus. Interesting vocal interchange, tune-wise.
3. 3:08 ***terribly menacing horns – textbook noir. Gets a funky beat after half a minute, female vocals taking the concept of “guest house” MUCH too seriously – funny stuff!
4. 6:28 **all sorts of sound effects, woobles, thumps… funky uptempo slightly Blaxploitation sound, male and female vocals in Hindi. Fairly odd throughout - seems to go from a love song to an attack.
5. 4:48 ***strums and weebles, grotty horns, grunts. Eeesh! Turns into some sort of uptempo parade of weirdities, then into subdued slinky female love song. Male screaming at end. Just plain odd.
(check out the video - an item number by Helen!
6. 4:11 **electronic chirps, high female vocals, sinister strings, dog barking, then slow slinky lounge-y stuff. False endings right in the middle and near end.
7. 1:56 ****absolutely bitchen funky strut with chirps, bongos and crackhead laughter.
8. 5:02 **lounge exotica, female vocals, swing-jazzy horns. Quite a few distinctly odd musical elements.
9. 3:19 ***ultra-groovy Latin percussion. Instrumental, starts out lounge and winds up noir with jangles.
10. 5:25 ****goofy electronics and wind, then very sneaky sounding bassline, then nicely syncopated 60’s spy music sound, high female vocals. Inexplicable electronics, gnarly guitar solo.
11. 0:55 *high female vocals, operatic male vocals (recorded in the shower, I think). Sinister laughter.
12. 3:59 **midtempo funky groove with electronics and mutated farfisa, female vocals.
13. 1:56 *wind noises, horrible creaks, tension and suspense, heartwrenching violin.
14. 3:03 **discordancy! Jangles! Squeeps! Oh my!
15. 3:17 ***noisy intro, then bongos, crime drama instrumental. Creepy breathy male vocals – eek! Pong noises.
16. 4:29 ***beeply intro, then jolly happy little popster, with female vocals – love song to Superman. Very odd combination of instruments. Also involves rather typical Bollywood vocal duet.
17. 1:52 ****clang! Suspense! Male chanting. Help!
18. 4:17 ****60’s pop/soul, groovy sax, electronic woobles, odd female vocals, pretty male lead. Bitchenly strange.
( !!!)
19. 4:11 ***traditional drumming, humming, male vocals, traditional brass of some sort, slow and almost devotional sounding. Hypnotic. I kinda dig this…
20. 3:00 **pretty flutes, strings, female vocals, bongos and groovy bass. Rather restrained 60’s pop sound.
21. 5:58 **droplet, big cheer, Atari game noises, uptempo pop, upbeat, very high female vocals. Yes, there are bongos. Music gets interesting in second half of song.
22. 3:39 ***plinky keyboards, music box, then lots of drama. Every kind of drama. Then pretty little waltz. Whatever! Inexplicable.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Rajesh Roshan Sanata Theme
2. Hemant Bhole Sansani Khez Koi Baat
3. Bappi Lahiri He Met Me In The Guest House
4. Bappi Lahiri Meri Jaan
5. Laximikant Pyarelal Aa Jaane Jaan
6. Ratandeep Hemraj Birha Ki Maari Koi
7. Bappi Lahiri Dance Music
8. Sapan Jagmohan Aji Kahan Gum Ho
9. Laximikant Pyarelal Theme Music
10. Usha Kanna Jeena Hai To Jee Bhar Hanslo
11. Rajesh Roshan Marjaban Too Kuthe Part 1
12. Sapan Jagmohan Sote Sote Adhi Rat
13. Hemant Bhole Ab Kahan Jayenge Ham (Sad)
14. Sonik Omi Main Theme From Andhera / Darwaza
15. Bappi Lahiri Disco Title Music From Dahshat
16. Rajesh Roshan Superman, Superman
17. Khemchand Prakash Dance Music
18. Bappi Lahiri Aafat
19. Laximikant Pyarelal Chal Re Doli
20. Rajesh Roshan Marjaban Too Kuthe Part 2
21. Nadeem-Shravan Dekho Dekho Dekho Magar Pyar Se
22. Rd Burman Bindya Tarse Kajra Barse